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mickey mouse kids rooms

mickey mouse kids rooms

We just need a few Disney wonders in our lives! Mickey Mouse is perhaps Disney’s most popular and timeless character. He always inspires many animated films and of course many accessories and rooms. Mickey Mouse can be a great source of inspiration for decorating a nursery or a nursery, and today I want to share some of them with you.


Boys kindergartens look amazing Mickey Mouse style, I’d say they are classics. You can choose traditional red and black or navy and light blue, or try neutral colors with black or navy accents. What you need is to rock Mickey Mouse prints on walls, textiles, wall art, etc., and of course, buy bedding with such prints.


The Mickey Mouse theme can be rocked in the nursery for older kids too. Boys bedrooms can be decorated in shades of blue or navy, black and white, blue and yellow. If it’s a shared room for a boy and a girl, you can try Mickey and Minnie Mouse prints and items together. Try red, black, and white for common bedrooms to make the decor universal. And of course your kids need Mickey prints everywhere: on bed linen, wallpaper, furniture, textiles and accessories, as well as decals on the walls.

The decor of a farmhouse is extremely popular as it is very cozy, chic and timeless and we have already shared some ideas about such a decor at home. Today I want to show you a few more ways you can decorate in this style. This summary is dedicated to the entrances to farmhouses.


Farmhouse is usually about neutrals: white, off-white, brown, gray, olive green, creamy, and other shades, all of which are mixed together or just some of them are used. You can also try adding a bit of black or graphite gray for drama - put a blackboard sign or some textiles in these colors.

So that your neutral room doesn't get boring and cool, you can add texture here. Use baskets, jute rugs, wooden furniture, metal wire baskets, and some natural decorations to make your entryway catchy and chic.


Which furniture do you need for your entrance area? It's up to you, but usually these are a bench, some shelves, coat racks, a console, stool, and I would recommend rustic vintage or modern styles to create the appropriate ambience in the room. Opt for stained or whitewashed furniture, weathered wooden items, and reclaimed wood to highlight the peasant style.

Accessories and decor

Complete the look with decor and accessories! Go for an entire gallery wall of signs and artwork, with your family photos - it's pretty above a bench or console table. Add candle lanterns, jute rugs, decorative baskets and plates to add coziness to the room. You can freshen up the look with potted flowers and greens, with green wreaths and garlands, with pumpkins, leaves and other stuff.

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