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Metal Trim Plank Door interior barn doors

Metal Trim Plank Door interior barn doors

interior barn doors

Barn doors are very practical for any apartment: they can be slid, so they don't take up much space, they look chic and very modern, even if they are rustic doors. Today I want to share with you some ideas on how to rock such doors in your interior. So let's look at the most popular examples.

Barn doors made of wood

Traditional barn doors are extremely popular for all types of rooms, including modern ones - they perfectly bring that cozy touch to the room. These can be rustic, antique, whitewashed shabby chic doors. It all depends on your space and a touch you want to add: a cozy rustic door or a shabby chic door. Don't be afraid to rock another door to make a statement, it will look cool!

Glass barn doors and mirrors

I love glass and mirror barn doors even more: just look at this contrast! Modern edgy materials and rustic vintage-inspired design together are amazing! Check out modern frosted glass barn doors, they fit perfectly into modern spaces. If you want something a little more cozy, check out wooden doors with panels or panels of glass. Mirrored doors visually enlarge the space, and you can use them very effectively in closets.

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