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metal headboards

metal headboards

A metal headboard was the most popular idea for centuries because of its durability and cool appearance, and artisans created real masterpieces for various types of metal. Nowadays a metal headboard is no longer so common, but such headboards look no less spectacular and cool.

Vintage and shabby chic metal headboards

A metal headboard is a must in a vintage, rustic, or shabby chic bedroom. You can find all kinds of fake beauty here: vignettes, flowers, butterflies, various beautiful curls and bows that will grab your attention. They can be whitewashed, aged, patinated, worn, or just a little rusty. When you buy a metal bed with a headboard, you will find creations so stunning with all kinds of patterns that you will never look away! If you have an old headboard, you can always add an aging cover for the perfect look. Such a headboard creates an ambience like no other detail in your shabby chic bedroom. This is usually a girlish choice, but there are some cool rusty headboards out there for guys who love vintage chic.

Modern metal headboards

Modern metal frame beds usually have simpler modern metal headboards. Slim shapes, no excessive details, direct lines and sculptural beauty – these are modern metal headboards. They usually capture you with laconic beauty rather than fancy details and are also available in different designs, from classic brass to modern steel. Such headboards are often chosen by men for their den bedrooms, and they will suit a boy’s or adolescent boy’s bedroom as well.

Neutrals will never go out of style as you feel comfortable, fill the room with light and air, and make small rooms look bigger. If you are a fan of neutrals, this round-up will surely inspire you - we have prepared some ideas for decorating your bedroom in neutral colors. Let's start!

Colors and styles

Neutrals go with any style! This is a great color combination that always works for any type of decor, from shabby chic to minimalist. Whichever style you choose, it will work! Not all neutrals are created equal and you can choose crispy ones like white or light gray, or go warmer and softer like tan or taupe. We strongly recommend that you don't limit yourself to just one or two colors and choose a whole range of neutral colors to capture your space.


Another way to avoid boring looks in a neutral room is to use lots of texture, and you can easily do that with materials. Opt for wood - lightly stained or painted, metals in soft neutral tones or even natural metallic hues, with jute, wicker, rattan, and various types of textiles including faux fur. Bedding is actually important for a bedroom, especially if it isn't minimalist. Take care of curtains, carpets and bedding and make your bedroom super cozy if you choose them correctly.


Accents are a must for a neutral space as they will help you keep it cool and bold. You can go for an accent wall, statement plants, gallery walls, baskets, all kinds of seating and any catchy decorations you like, like a hat holder! Enjoy!

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