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mermaid diys for home decor

mermaid diys for home decor

Do you feel like a little mermaid? Or even an adult? Then you will probably love today’s roundup as it is entirely dedicated to mermaid crafts of all kinds! Let’s get started and choose the best mermaid-like craft for you!

Home decor

The first craft for today is a beautiful mermaid pillow. The basis of this craft is mermaid sequin fabric aka sequins, two-tone, reversible fabric in the colors you like. All you need is to sew a suitable pillowcase for your pillow or make a new one that will fill it with something. Here the author used poly fiber filling, but you can go for anything you want. Read the tutorial to find out how to make such a cute mermaid piece.

These gorgeous collectibles feature sparkling fish scales, they look very mermaid, and they are marbled which is very trendy. How do you achieve such a look? Use polymer clay and polymer clay to make these dishes and some ovenproof bowls. Read the entire tutorial on how to make such cute pieces yourself.

Ordinary tiles can be turned into a whole range of beautiful mermaid coasters! This craft is all about uncoupling beautiful scrapbook that will remind you of ocean, ocean, beaches and mermaids. Choose any paper and create bold and cool coasters of your choice. They will be amazing gifts for everyone too!

This beautiful box can be used to store jewelry or other things. She is really amazing and like a mermaid! How do you make a box like that? This awesome ombre box is made of clay, yes clay! All of these beautiful scales are made of polymer clay. Check out how to make the box, how to attach and make the scale, and some other details you might need. Enjoy!

If you love to sew, this craft is sure to delight you. This tutorial shows how to sew a mermaid tail blanket and it looks like part of a costume – so natural, wow! The piece is made of pink fabric and patterned fabric, but you can go for any color – I would go for turquoise or blue. Find out how to sew the whole piece and choose different colors or even use sequins to make the tail look more mermaid.

How do you turn ordinary glass bottles into these beautiful works of art? You need self-adhesive paints, shells, pearls, and gemstones of various types and appearances. When you’re ready to paint the mermaids yourself you can, but if not, use different adhesives or uncouple some. Add glitter to make your bottles sparkle and create a fantastic bottle arrangement on a shelf or mantelpiece.

This fun vase is a wonderful idea for any living room for mermaids or even children. The vase is frosted, but the mermaid’s tail is quite colorful. You can make it green or try other colors or use bold glitter to mimic fish scales. Get inspired and make this piece!

Take an ordinary clear glass candle holder and make it oceanic with simple blue or turquoise food coloring. This is a very easy and cute craft that you can make anytime without much effort or money. Make such candle holders, cover the table with a fishing net, put pearls and precious stones on them and create an oceanic arrangement for your home!

Another mermaid-like craft for decor is a mason jar mermaid lantern. The piece consists of a mason jar with a mermaid silhouette, LED lights, and blue stones inside to highlight the blue light coming from inside. Feel the inner light of the sea, little mermaid!

Make awesome beach mason jars to store whatever you want and create different arrangements and looks – what can be more mermaid than a beach? Such a cool look is achieved with coastal texture paint in various sea colors. Read how to make the whole project a reality and get smart!

Other ideas

A little mermaid is using a laptop? Then turn it into a work of art under the sea! In this craft, you’ll learn how to spice up an already existing hardshell laptop cover with seashells, gemstones, and metal tags. Read the tutorial to find out how to attach them and repeat the look, or create your own look if you feel like it. Get inspired!

Most of us use some notebooks or exercise books, and you can make them mermaid-like too. To make the piece look like this, you can use the reversible mermaid sequin fabric mentioned earlier. Rock the colors you like and enjoy the mermaid pieces!

Make your phone like a mermaid! To recreate this craft you will need a clear phone case, turquoise sequins, and some giant rhinestones. Go for all the colors you like, but blue and green are preferable for a sea-like look. Find out how to make a case like this quick and cool and rock your new mermaid phone!

This cool mermaid diary consists of colors and different ribbons as well as decoupage. You’ll need to let the paint dry before adding the washi tape. However, the total working time for this project is approximately 5 minutes. Have fun creating the diary and feel even more like a mermaid!

A cheesecake is one of the most popular desserts around the world, it's delicious, there are many flavors and toppings, and you can easily make them without baking. If you want to make one, I've prepared a whole bunch of cool recipes for you to make a reality.

Here is a very light, simple, and refreshing cheesecake. If you don't like “heavy” cheesecake, especially if it's cream cheese based, substitute half of the mascarpone for yogurt. If you prefer, you can do it with mascarpone without a yogurt substitute. Fresh strawberries make the cheesecake fresh and delightful.

Fluffy Japanese style cheesecake cooked in a rice cooker. It is particularly suitable if you do not have access to the oven or do not want to use it. If you are not familiar with Japanese style cheesecakes, they are much lighter compared to American cheesecake. They're more like a sweet cheese flavored souffle cake.

This light and light Greek mini yogurt strawberry cheesecake is perfect when it's too hot to turn on the oven. These little treats made from Greek yogurt are easy to prepare and will definitely be a crowd puller. This crunchy and crunchy graham cracker base with a flavorful, smooth and deliciously creamy yogurt cheesecake filling and fresh and sweet strawberry sauce is a heavenly game.

These raw vegan cheesecake bars have a creamy vanilla base and bright orange toppings to taste like a creamsicle! They are a healthy summer treat! These magic bars have every creamy note of creamsicle summer food bliss, but without all of the questionable ingredients and messy ice cream gadgets that run in your face.

Vegan Cookie Dough Cheesecake is a two-step recipe that makes a healthy dessert. Large pieces of gluten-free cookie dough swirled through a sweet and flavorful cheesecake filling.

While the berries are ripe and juicy, it's time to whip up this exquisite strawberry cheesecake dessert! With all of these luscious berries available this summer, there's nothing like topping your cheesecake with them!

Healthy blueberry cheesecake squares are the perfect treat. Blueberries on a lightly sweetened crust that is both gluten-free and refined sugar-free. Followed by a creamy, lighter cheesecake filling.

This is a very easy to make cheesecake. Not a crust to worry about, not that it would be difficult to make a crust, but without one it gets even easier, no baking, just stir a few ingredients and let the refrigerator do the rest of the work for you . The only thing to consider when making this no-bake ricotta sour cream cheesecake with raspberries is the amount of time you need to spend in the refrigerator. You should leave it on for at least four to five hours, or even overnight.

Since it's the sour cherry season, why not make a cheesecake with cherries like this? The acidity of the sour cherry layer contrasts perfectly with the heaviness of the cheese layer. Decorated with a little extra cherry, this cheesecake is a good candidate for a festive cake, for example a birthday cake. It gets such a refined taste while not being too sweet.

The best thing about this cheesecake is that it isn't baked. This is an ideal quality these days as the temperature and humidity keep rising and it has been way too hot to bake recently. The cheesecake filling is incredibly light. Imagine eating the tastiest, fluffiest cloud ever. Because that's exactly how a piece of this heavenly cheesecake is.

Raw Vanilla Bean Cherry Cheesecake with Paleo Ingredients. Creamy cashew filling a graham cracker crust. Store well in the fridge and freezer. Naturally gluten-free and dairy-free.

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