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mermaid bathroom decor

mermaid bathroom decor

Not just a little girl can be a mermaid fan, an adult too! Whatever kind of girl you are, when you feel the call of the sea, why not add ocean-inspired accents to your rooms? We’ve already shared some ideas, but today I’m going to get into that in more detail. Let’s add a touch of mermaid to your bathroom.


Tiles are the main thing for any bathroom. If you want to create a mermaid inspired space, your choice is fish scale tiles. Fish scale tiles are really inspired by the sea, they are just amazing! All shades of green, blue and purple are exactly what you need to be reminiscent of fish in the sea.

Shower curtain

Add a mermaid feel easily with a proper shower curtain! This is a cheap and easy solution that doesn’t require much effort. Go for shades of green and blue, try a ruffled curtain reminiscent of ocean waves, and ombre curtains are cool too.


A mirror or mirror frame is another cool idea, a very simple solution that can be made by yourself or bought cheaply. You can find a shell-shaped mirror or cover the frame with seashells and starfish. Nautical rope is another cool idea to add a nautical feel.


Accessories are another great solution for rock, cheap, quick and easily replaceable. These can be teal and aqua soap holders, sea animal hooks for towels, bowl-shaped soap holders, and bathroom mason jars for storage with sea animal decor.

Halloween is not that far and it is high time you decided on the decor that you want to use. Candles are amazing for creating a mysterious and scary ambience, so they are also great for Halloween decorations. But Halloween candles can't be common, can they? If you don't feel like using ordinary black candles for Halloween decor, check out the tutorials below and make something to personalize your decor.

The first tutorial is about decorating existing candles and not making your own. Just buy tall glass candles and then decorate them with images printed on translucent paper. Choose whatever you like and what suits your decor theme and style. Use the tutorial to find out how to stick these pictures on the candles and enjoy the stylish and scary look!

Bloody candles look scary and instantly create an appropriate ambience wherever you place them. How do you make such scary candles? Just take the usual pillars and decorate them with red wax that mimics dripping blood and looks totally scary. Create a whole arrangement of these candles on your table and it will be a beautiful decoration for any room in your home.

Candy corns are traditional sweets for Halloween, and you can make them as candles to decorate your party rooms. Votive candles are versatile, everyone loves them, and they can be used as gifts or decorations. Add a little festive flair to your Halloween decor with these candles and you can also add a sweet smell to the candles for a better impression.

Here's an unusual Halloween candle idea - tormented candles! These are simple and neutral candles decorated with nails - they look really great, and such a craft is super easy to make. The only problem is that when you light the candles it will melt and the nails will fall, but that's not a problem, just place them correctly.

Don't have much time to make Halloween candles? Then take a few simple tall candles in glass and decorate them with paper bats or spiders! It's a very easy and quick craft that kids can do too, or you can craft them together to spend some time. Get inspired!

Are you looking for a simple and stylish craft for Halloween? Here it is! Common pillar candles are decorated with black skulls and bats, but you can choose any image you want. Read the tutorial to find out how to print these pictures on your usual and simple candles.

These cool candles with Black Magic words are awesome and chic - you can easily make them out of soy wax and give them any color you like. Here it's teal, but you can try purple, purple, navy, black, and many other colors. Add words you like and decorate your space with these candles!

How to make a bold and cool Halloween candle without spending a lot of time? Of course, take a normal tall candle in glass and decorate it as you like. Learn how to spray them in this tutorial. This project is about spraying your candle to give it a candy corn look. Make some bold and fun candles very quickly and with little effort.

Whether Halloween or the zombie apocalypse - with this craft you are in good hands! These are brain-shaped candles, funny, moody and cool! And you can do the exact same steps in this tutorial with any silicone ice cube tray or mold to make candles that work for all other times and events as well.

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