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mermaid bathroom decor

mermaid bathroom decor

Not just a little girl can be a mermaid fan, an adult too! Whatever kind of girl you are, when you feel the call of the sea, why not add ocean-inspired accents to your rooms? We’ve already shared some ideas, but today I’m going to get into that in more detail. Let’s add a touch of mermaid to your bathroom.


Tiles are the main thing for any bathroom. If you want to create a mermaid inspired space, your choice is fish scale tiles. Fish scale tiles are really inspired by the sea, they are just amazing! All shades of green, blue and purple are exactly what you need to be reminiscent of fish in the sea.

Shower curtain

Add a mermaid feel easily with a proper shower curtain! This is a cheap and easy solution that doesn’t require much effort. Go for shades of green and blue, try a ruffled curtain reminiscent of ocean waves, and ombre curtains are cool too.


A mirror or mirror frame is another cool idea, a very simple solution that can be made by yourself or bought cheaply. You can find a shell-shaped mirror or cover the frame with seashells and starfish. Nautical rope is another cool idea to add a nautical feel.


Accessories are another great solution for rock, cheap, quick and easily replaceable. These can be teal and aqua soap holders, sea animal hooks for towels, bowl-shaped soap holders, and bathroom mason jars for storage with sea animal decor.

It's high time you brought some sun into your kitchen and there's nothing quite like sunflower decor! Sunflowers not only create a happy mood, they also add a rustic touch to the room in which you use them - whether it is real flowers or just decorations. Let's take a look at how to use them in decor.

Sunflower textiles and decorations

You can rock adorable sunflower decorations of your choice - make a pallet sign with fake sunflowers and a sunny quote, create a bold arrangement with fake blooms, pumpkins, grass, and herbs - a piece like this makes a lovely centerpiece for a late summer fall or table setting. Put your arrangements in buckets, baskets and metal bathtubs to give the room a rustic flair. Make a chalkboard sign with sunflowers or hang some styrofoam balls with sunflowers over the window. Sunflower textiles like tea towels, curtains, and gloves can be a beautiful and bold idea.

Sunflower tools and accessories

Add sunflower decals to devices to make them bolder and cuter. Choose sunflower-shaped plates and trays, make shelves with sunflowers, sunflower utensil holders, and soap holders for a fun and bright touch. Try sunflower plate and cup holders - you can take a simple one and decorate it yourself. Don't be over the top with the flowers, they are bold enough and you don't need a lot of bold decor with them.

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