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mediterranean terraces patios

mediterranean terraces patios

Are you choosing a new style and decor to freshen up your outdoor space? Pay attention to the Mediterranean decor, which means a special and inspiring Mediterranean feeling, natural materials in the decor, bright colors and patterns that contrast natural or neutral walls and objects. Let’s take a closer look at such spaces to see how you can recreate this style in your outdoor space.


Mediterranean style is all about being natural and just natural – opt for stone walls whenever possible or replace them with concrete for a more modern feel. Concrete furniture and walls are also a good idea, but if they feel too cold to sit on or touch, you can always favor rattan, wicker, wood, and other materials like these. White plaster walls give your terrace a more Spanish and sea-inspired flair. This is great when the ocean is around. Jute stools, rugs and floor cushions are a must for a cool and cozy feeling. Add a woven or wooden roof or just some wooden beams to escape excessive sunlight.


As for the colors, the lights should be there! Even if the walls are neutral or white, you will need bright accessories, textiles, upholstery, dishes and other things. Go for bright colors like fuchsia, yellow, bright blue, turquoise, and green – you can use all of them or just one or two colors. If it’s a sea-inspired Mediterranean terrace, turn on the blues or various light shades. Carpets, upholstery and throws are the easiest way to make your terrace colorful and cheerful and to swap them out at any time. If you use curtains to protect the terrace from the sun and the eyes of others, give preference to light and airy fabrics and pulps. Make your patio bold, inviting, and chic with these tips and ideas below!

String art has become very popular: they are not difficult to make, do not require special skills or expensive supplies, and look cool - colorful and voluminous. We have already shared several ideas, and today I want to share a few more - for the upcoming Easter. Here you can see everything that is traditional for this holiday: chicks, eggs, crosses and bunnies, some of the handicrafts can be made especially for children. Let's look at them.


This is a beautiful pink bunny with a white fluffy tail! Take a wooden slab and finish it off as you like or leave it as it is. Then create your art: a cute bunny with a tail can be made in pink or any other color if you want. Adjust the artwork to suit your space and enjoy!

Here you get a whole Easter sign of funny pieces in one: a bunny, a carrot and some eggs, all of the pieces are colorful and fun. It's a long and tall sign, although you may want to take another wooden board and place the pictures horizontally. Make them lively and bold to make the sign stand out. Put the sign on a shelf or mantelpiece and voila!

This bunny shield is padded - it is covered with pink polka dots. The rabbit is cut out of white paper and attached to the sign. Then the string art is done over this template - it's so cute and pretty! I love polka dots and the pink color, it's so girly! It's also a good idea for a girl's nursery because of the color and appearance. You can also use other fabrics to make them suitable for other rooms as well.

It will probably take some time to finish this sign as there are two images, quite difficult and colorful: a rabbit and a basket of eggs, which are the most traditional symbols of Easter. Find out how to make such a cool String Art sign and enjoy the look - vary the colors as often as you like.

Eggs & chicks

This piece of art is an amazing idea for a space for kids and adults - it's colorful and bold plus with a geometric look. The string artwork is made on a padded board, and the egg is very large. Each part consists of different colored yarns. Have fun doing handicrafts and give the room a colorful touch!

This Easter egg is made in white and purple and features a geometric design. The artwork is very cool and bold, and it's not difficult to do. The work of art fits in every room - from the living room to the children's room. You can vary the colors if they don't fit in your own space.

Make super cute string art with a colorful chick for a nursery! This yellow chick will add a lovely and cute colorful touch to the room. It won't take much time and the final piece looks very cute. Make As Many Chicks As You Want!


If you are a religious person, why not make an artificial cross for Easter decoration? The craft itself is very simple and doesn't take much time, while it is a useful decoration to celebrate. Happy Easter!

Here is another cross stitched artwork, but this one was made using cross techniques so it looks a little more noticeable than the previous one. Enjoy it in a colorful setting for a standout look!

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