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marble easter egg decor ideas

marble easter egg decor ideas

Marble is a luxurious material that looks sophisticated everywhere and is also very expensive. It is a great idea to incorporate such chic accents into your decor, and today I am offering you to try another way to rock exquisite marble decor and these are marbled Easter eggs.

Such Easter eggs are very modern, chic and edgy and you can always make them yourself and even invite your children to do so, as the crafting is very easy.

There are several ways to get edgy modern marbled Easter eggs. The first idea is to make them yourself from polymer clay. Choose the tone you like and create! Invite your kids to join this cool activity and create a stylish Easter decor together.

The next idea is to color your eggs with paints or nail polish. I would say this is the most popular tutorial on how to get eggs like this. It’s very simple and you will get amazing bold marble Easter eggs. Grab any nail polishes you like and make a bold statement for this Easter celebration.

Don’t you like paints and polishes? Make naturally colored marble Easter eggs with cabbage, beets, and other vegetables, and while marbling the eggs is more difficult than using polishes, the result is very tender and cute.

Tired of traditional emeralds, reds and golds everywhere but still want some color? No problem, I have an idea for you - go turquoise! This is rather an unusual color for Christmas decorations, it is bold and mood-lifting, and you will definitely stand out with such a decoration. It can be suitable for seaside Christmas decorations or remind of frosty winter tones. Here are some ideas I want to share.

Christmas tree decor

Take some turquoise ornaments and garlands to decorate your Christmas tree. You can mix turquoise with gold, white, silver, emerald, and red to create bold combinations for your tree and make it stand out. There are turquoise trees to try too, and they definitely require very bold ornaments to stand out even more. Silver ones give your tree a coastal feel.

Other decorating ideas

Take turquoise ornaments to make some cool displays. They are perfect for decorating on the coast. Add star fish, seashells, and other details that you like. Turquoise stockings with sequins are good for decorating your fireplace, and you can place some turquoise candlesticks and frames with ornaments that hang for cool decor. Make a garland of ornaments and evergreens for the mantelpiece, use a cake stand to display ornaments with evergreens and pine cones. Be inspired by the color and enjoy!

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