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map diys for travelers

map diys for travelers

If you love to travel, if it’s your hobby, why not incorporate your passion into your home decor? Use cards for decoration, vintage suitcases for storage, and add various souvenirs and finds from different countries here and there. I want to be precise about cards and give you some cool uses.

These amazing coasters will remind you of your favorite trips – just print out your itineraries like a map and use them for this craft! These can be a cool gift for anyone too, so be sure to read the tutorial on how to make them.

A beautiful mural is a beautiful decoration anywhere – from your dining area to a nursery. The craft itself is pretty easy, so just read the tutorial and keep going!

If you buy something from IKEA that isn’t finished, quit! When I say unfinished, I don’t mean the assembly bit, but the painting and varnishing. A classic example of an unfinished IKEA product is the IKEA mop. If you’re unfamiliar with IKEA names, the mop is an unfinished birch wood mini-chest. You can hack it into a coolest vintage-inspired piece with the help of cards. Do you want to know how to do it Read the entire tutorial.

If there is any way you want to personalize your notebook there is a cool way. Cover it with a card and add a leather belt to make it stand out. In this way, you can turn a regular notebook into a travel journal. Isn’t that a cool idea?

Whether you love to travel, travel, or just dream of doing it someday, this vintage-style DIY map is the perfect way to document your adventures or just brush up on your geography.

Let’s turn an old card into a vintage wallet that you can use yourself or give as a great gift for anyone. The wallet looks really nice, makes a great gift for any occasion, and you can include a map of your own trip to remember.

Turn an old bulletin board into beautiful card art for any room in your home or even your office. Here the author opted for a black frame to add contrast to the piece, but you can opt for a more neutral or vintage frame.

This magnetic board card would look great in any home office or teenage bedroom. It would be a great gift for people who love to travel. Use some colorful magnets on such a board to raise your mood.

Sometimes a little decorative touch can turn something mundane into something more remarkable, it can add the wow factor. You can do just that with a simple Ikea lamp. If you look up to those ceiling lamps instead of a dull white inside, you will now see a cool card.

This pinboard travel card is a fun and easy project for anyone who loves to travel. It’s a great way to document your adventures. Choose a colored pencil for each family member individually and then choose a color for you together. Mark all the places you’ve been and dream about where the next pencil will lead.

These usual old placemats have been converted into new and cool ones with the help of city maps. Such a cool idea to remember the cities you’ve been to and make some cool memories. Interested? Read the tutorial!

The rustic decor is super cozy and inviting no matter what you choose - Spanish farmhouse, French countryside, or any other. You can go for a fully rustic space or add a few rustic touches here and there and you get a very inviting space - it's fall soon, and this style is especially cool for this season. Today I'm going to share some rustic patio ideas, take a look, and get inspired!

Style and colors

Decide if you want a more traditional rustic space or a contemporary version of it, or if you want to combine rustic decor and a few other styles - boho, industrial, Spanish farmhouse or French countryside. Then find out what colors you want; In the traditional rustic style, everything revolves around warm and neutral colors. However, if you want a more contemporary feel, you can choose lighter tones or, conversely, darker tones. A rustic boho terrace can be decorated with bleached and whitewashed surfaces or richly stained items.


Rustic style means wood, rattan, wicker - these are your basics for decorating the patio or patio. If you're traditional, go for warm and stained furniture, chairs, and tables made of rattan and wicker. If you prefer a contemporary look, keep your wooden furniture elegant and choose very laconic designs. Boho rustic rooms can be decorated with lots of rattan and wicker and reclaimed and bleached wood. You can also add stone or brick to the terrace, or add metal parts - a fire bowl or candle lanterns.

Furniture and accessories

These often help identify the style. So choose them according to the style you want and keep the color scheme. Wood, wicker, rattan of all kinds are exactly what you need for such a space. So choose some of them. Accessories help to create a desired ambience. So also pay attention to it. Get inspiration to create your perfect, calming, rustic patio!

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