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Make your own poster hanger – a great way to display art without a frame!
diy poster frames hangers

Make your own poster hanger – a great way to display art without a frame! diy poster frames hangers

DIY poster hanger – Crafted diy poster frames hangers

We've talked a lot about how to hang a picture, photo, and frames, but what about posters? Posters are different from a painting, so you need something different. These could be convenient magnetic hangers, floating frames, colorful or acrylic stands, and there are more ideas to try! Here are some projects for hanging one, all of these DIYs are super easy and you can easily do them yourself.

This minimalistic magnetic wooden frame is made of wood paint stir sticks. The piece is very easy to make, it's very simple so it doesn't distract attention from the art, and you can change your art, print or poster as many times as you want!

If you have a nifty vintage frame, you can use it on a bold graphic poster to create contrast and a cool modern statement. However, don't just use a frame, make it a floating frame. In this way, the poster becomes even more eye-catching and gives your wall a versatile touch.

If you want to add a shabby chic or rustic touch to your space, use an old window to frame a cute poster! This is a very easy project, especially if you are happy with the way the window looks and if not - just renovate it to your liking - sanding, painting and stenciling are welcome!

Plastic document stands can be a good idea for a poster design. You can create as many stands as you need and create a whole combination of posters and pictures that are framed like that. In addition, such stands do not divert attention from the poster itself. Read the while tutorial to find out how to create such a combination.

Most frames do not divert attention from a picture or poster. But what if you want to make the poster stand out? Hang it in a bold and colorful frame and your piece will be even bolder! This tutorial will show you how to make a colorful cardboard frame and make your wall stand out.

I found the easiest idea ever! How can you hang your posters on the wall in just minutes and make them stand out at the same time? Grab a washi tape and stick anything you want right on the wall! What a simple idea to rock, just give it a try!

This beautiful plexiglass frame will keep focus on the poster or picture you place in it. It will take time to make, but the result is wow. Such a frame adds style to any room and is ideal for modern and glamorous spaces.

There are a few reasons I like this poster frame: it's inexpensive, easy to make, and not intimidating, and looks great - and adds fun texture to a wall. It is also a suitable solution for an inexpensive poster or a temporary hobby / interest. Read the source for how to do it.

Metallic accents are trendy in every interior. If there is anything you want to add, make these copper poster frames! Making them is not that quick and easy, but such a cool and chic touch will be nice for almost any interior. Enjoy!

If you are an adult and are looking for some cool posters for your space but don't want a distinct college feel, all you need is some classy frames. These cool wooden frames make posters stand out without looking childish. Get inspired!

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