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Magnet You and I eDITION GUTE SPIRITS |  Etsy
diy letter magnets

Magnet You and I eDITION GUTE SPIRITS | Etsy diy letter magnets

Our magnet you and me from the eDITION GUTE GEISTER was designed by the Hamburg artist and author HARRY (Harriet Grundmann). It is 7.5 x 9 cm in size, packaged in a beautiful transparent bag and makes a good little inspirational gift. The magnet holds from your favorite photo to diy letter magnets

Letter magnets are a creative idea for any home: they let your children learn and practice the alphabet, and you can leave each other messages on magnetic boards or in the fridge. I have prepared some tutorials for making letter magnets for adults and children. They are made of different materials and use different techniques. You can find a lot of ideas to try. Let's look at them.

Teaching your children's letters is a very important thing. If your kids haven't learned them yet or need practice, this craft is just what you need. Make some concrete letters with a nice ombre effect, they will grab kids' attention and they will be able to write words and phrases on the refrigerator or magnetic board. Even if your kids have already learned the letters, you can use different words to improve their mood and leave each other messages.

Get some simple coasters that aren't big and create whatever you like! Here the author opted for botanical and floral block letters with an ombre effect, but there are no limits to your imagination. You can create anything you want. Such funny botanical letter magnets will add a natural touch to your room and remind you of spring and summer.

Do you want to draw your children's attention to the letters? Make them super colorful! Here the author bought some bubble bath letters and attached magnetic strips to them. The craft is very easy and quick. Just do that and let your kids practice the alphabet. Voila!

These letters are also colorful and fun, they are made from polymer clay using postage stamps. The appearance of the magnets is unusual and cool. You can also add something to the letters with needles or something else. Read on to learn how to make the craft a reality and make some letters for decor and not just.

Buy some common magnetic letters or even letters and turn them into colorful and fun ones! Here the authors used metallic spray paint to make metallic and striped letters, and some polka dots of common paint. The resulting letters are personalized, colorful, and fun. I totally love her and I bet your kids will love her too.

Here's another craft to spice up some common plastic letter magnets, and they're super glamorous. The idea is to cover them with glitter of all colors - such letters are a good idea for any kitchen or room and kids will love to play with them as kids love glitter and bright colors.

If you want to make your space stylish, be sure to spice up the letter magnets with some metallic colors that go with the decor. Metallic shades are timeless and will suit most interiors. Most of us have metal fittings and appliances in the kitchen. Grab some metallic spray paints and do them quickly!

What can be easier than adding magnets to common scrabble pieces? This craft is easy and quick as the letters are ready and all you need to do is add magnets. Voila! Your kids can use them anywhere they want and the look won't be that bright, which is great if your interior isn't about that.

The final craft is freshening up the usual plastic letter magnets with the usual spray paint to create a cool color block look. Color blocking is very popular, and light shades are also loved by children. I bet everyone in the family will enjoy leaving messages and writing sentences. So do some.

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