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macrame furniture items

macrame furniture items

Macramé is a popular boho element that is becoming increasingly common in home decor. It fits easily into modern and eclectic mid-century boho spaces and creates a relaxed feeling outdoors. Today we’re sharing some cool macrame furniture, and if you want decorations, head over to our DIY roundup.

Macrame chairs

A macrame chair is a great idea to add a boho and feel of nature to the room. Such chairs are usually white and round, but of course there are different colors and shapes that easily fit into the room. Not only can you go for adult chairs but some cute kids and babies too. Macramé stools are welcome too, they look boho and even tropical – wood and white macramé on the seat are fantastic.

Other macrame furniture

You can also try macrame day beds, bassinets (oh so cute!), Stools, and even shelves – a hanger that doubles as decor. DIY them or buy them and make your interior more boho, which means edgy.

It's August, still hot and high time to feel good and cool by the pool. Invite your friends to a cool pool party and have fun! Pool parties are incredibly popular for the summer. This could be baby showers, bridal showers, bachelorette parties, or just fun parties for your friends. How can you decorate your pool for a party?


Balloons are among the most popular pool party decorations as they are easy to get, budget friendly and there are plenty of balloons to try out. You can get a bunch of these, blow them and then put them right in the pool, around the drink or desert station, and anywhere you want. Keep them in your party's colors; You can also attach them to floating objects and place them in the pool.


Poses are important not only for having fun, but also for pool party decor. Pick some bold ones shaped as desserts: ice cream, donuts, cupcakes, candy, and cakes. Order oversized flamingo or duck poses. Use floats to keep drinks in the ice. That way, the ice won't melt as quickly.

Dessert or drink table setting

Decorate dessert and beverage tables with garlands of beach balls and lifesavers, cocktail wreaths, balloons, pom poms and tassels. Make it bold colors, add flamingos and other tropical things you like.

Other ideas

Floating candle lanterns, fresh flowers in hoops, cocktail umbrella wreath - these are just some of the ideas that you can realize yourself without spending a lot of time or money.

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