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Luxury gray bedroom inspiration
grey bedrooms

Luxury gray bedroom inspiration grey bedrooms

Light gray and white modern bedroom with white bedroom furniture grey bedrooms

Gray is a very cool color: it can be super neutral, it can be dark and moody, it is very compatible, and it can be used with a thousand other colors. Rocking shades of gray in any room makes it timeless and cool, and the only problem with that is avoiding boring looks. How one? Just take a look!

Colors and decor styles

Let me clear it up with the styles: gray goes and goes with anything, literally anything you want from Nordic to farmhouse, and the space will look amazing. Gray is very compatible and you can mix it with anything you want: pink, black, white, purple, navy and many other colors that regulate the intensity of the shades you use. Gray is a perfect color to create a monochrome room that will be relaxing, peaceful and very stylish.


Rocking gray on the walls is a very popular idea. If you use light shades of gray, you can rock these anywhere in the room. With dark grays, you can do the same thing by adding a moody room or limiting yourself to a single accent wall to make a statement. Move on to gray furniture that will weigh an upholstered bed and chairs or bench if you will have any. Think about how to avoid boring looks in your bedroom - this is a common problem, especially in minimal spaces. You can spice up the space with a gorgeous gallery wall, bring in some color with curtains and bedding or lamps, or even play with textures that incorporate velvet, fur, and leather into your decor. Enjoy!

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