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LogicalDoctor diy cat scratchers

LogicalDoctor diy cat scratchers

diy cat scratchers

We got used to the fact that most of the time, pet furniture causes eye pain: it's ugly, doesn't fit into your interior, and doesn't look to the point. But we still need something to pamper our pets, and I've decided to share some aesthetically cool parts that won't spoil your space. These are cool DIY scratchers that don't look ugly and are stylish. So you can rock them anytime in any room, and DIY scratching doesn't take a lot of time and effort. To get your cat excited about a new scratch, sprinkle a catnip over it and the cat's attention is guaranteed! Now let's look at the DIYs I prepared.

Sisal rope

Color blocking is a stylish way to add a bold touch to your room or look. With this technique it becomes more angular. Make a cool color block of sisal rope cat scratch post and it will be a lovely addition to your space! Sisal rope is loved by most cats and is great for scratching. It goes with a lot of decorating styles, your cat likes to scratch natural sisal rope and makes it pretty easy. Enjoy!

I have to admit: I am totally in love with this adorable Cactus Kitty Scratcher and I will make one for my cat too! The piece is covered with a sisal rope and it really shows a big cactus! It's a chic and fun idea that works for a boho interior or a desert home, and is lovely in a kid's room. Make as many cacti as you want to create a whole cactus forest for your cats!

This cat tree is ideal for a modern or minimalist room. It has a stylish geometric base and a sisal rope on the post. To make it look this chic you will need some black and copper paint and a stencil, and the post will just go unpainted, although you might add copper too. Read how to make this scratcher and let your kitten scratch in style!

This piece is all about minimalist and clean design: it's just a piece of wood covered with a sisal rope, no bright colors, no intricate designs and shapes. It won't take much time - it's just a matter of attaching the sisal rope to the piece of wood and that's it. Leave it unfinished to achieve this minimalist look.

Do you love double pieces? Then you will love this craft too! This is a vase cat scratcher: it is a vase covered with a sisal rope, a very practical and creative idea. Remember that when you put fresh flowers, not dry herbs, in the vase, you need to add some water. If your cat drops the vase, it can spill. So I strongly recommend some cotton, lavender, or billy balls.

Here's another double-duty piece and an IKEA hack rolled into one! This is a bedside table from IKEA called Rast that has become a comfortable ottoman and a kitty scratcher at the same time. The idea is to put together a bedside table, cover it with a sisal rope, add pillows and a kitten toy - here a pompom. Looks pretty good and will be a lovely thing in any living room and your cat will be happy too!

This is a standard wooden scratching post, rug, and sisal rope on a cardboard post. All the crafting won't take much time, it's pretty simple, and such a piece will fit in a lot of interiors. The whole look mainly depends on the basic look. Therefore, choose a suitable carpet that fits your interior.

Here's another idea with sisal rope, it is similar to the minimalist scratch I've already shared here, but it gives a more modern and colorful look with paint. I strongly recommend choosing as natural a color as possible, you cat will bite it and it shouldn't feel bad afterwards.


Cardboard is another very popular material for scratching, it is very convenient to scratch and many cats like it a lot, and cardboard reminds them of their first days, which were often in a box. Make a stylish modern scratch out of cardboard and a wooden frame - it's a cool solution that doesn't require a lot of money and can be changed often. Make it big enough for your cat to sleep in, lots of cats love it too!

This is a cheap and pretty nice looking cardboard cat scraper like the previous one, but this one is circular shaped. Adjust the size to the size of your cat so it can be used as an extra bed. Cats love cardboard and many of them sleep on such a bed after scratching. So foresee this opportunity too.

I'm in love with this cardboard scratch! It's a cardboard piece in the shape of a kitten's head - it's a nice idea to add a fun and moody touch to your room. And again, I strongly recommend making the scratch big enough for your cat to lie on, he can sleep on it too.

The last cardboard scratch is also round and gives your room a colorful touch: cover it with adhesive tape in strips. It's a bold and easy idea to rock it. Making such a scratch is easy and decorating is easy, good fun!

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