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Leather Christmas decorations
diy leather christmas ornaments

Leather Christmas decorations diy leather christmas ornaments

DIY: leather Christmas decorations diy leather christmas ornaments

When everything has been tried out - wood, paper, fabric decorations - it is high time to surprise everyone with something special. Leather ornaments are just like that - they are unique in their shape and appearance, and have a cool texture. We have prepared some cool leather ornament tutorials, reminding you that synthetic leather is more environmentally friendly. Please stick to it!

If you love everything boho this easy and cute tutorial is for you. These are color block feather Christmas decorations in copper and white with string. The idea is pretty simple: you cut out a leather feather, then paint it with tape and make a hole. Voila! You can make many different boho leather ornaments, have fun!

Who needs the usual baubles when you can have 3D leather Christmas decorations? These are made up of circles that form a 3D sphere and are accented with wooden beads - they look cool and very noticeable, especially when you paint them in bold colors. Add string and decorate your tree with these cuties!

This is a super fun idea - decorate your Christmas tree with other trees - mini leather ones. In this tutorial, you will learn how to make cool leather Christmas tree ornaments in the shape of a tree. They consist of square pieces of leather that are laid on a string and secured with shiny, shiny pearls. Get inspired and do something for your tree and put it on the table too!

If you love the traditional Christmas ornament shape this is what you really need. These are simple Christmas decorations made of faux leather that can be ironed on, with different letters and quotes, available in a contrasting color or in glitter. The craft is quite simple, and such ornaments will decorate any tree - a large one, a small one and another. Get inspired!

Would you like to give your Christmas tree a modern touch? Here it is! This is a bundle of modern leather Christmas ornaments shaped as trees, stars, and balls and done in bold colors like red and white and neutral colors like tan. You can also punch the year or some words in the ornaments or add them with colors. Such a pack of ornaments can also be given away.

If you love minimalism but don't want boring ornaments, this tutorial is perfect - it will show you how to make some 3D leather Christmas ornaments with wooden beads. These ornaments are cool and cute, they are easy to shape on a piece of string and they look cool. Give your Christmas tree a natural eye-catcher with these decorations!

This is not your usual gimmick - this is a leather ornament that is reminiscent of a dragon egg or a pine cone. A common gimmick is covered with pieces of leather to achieve such a look, and it definitely adds texture and color to the tree. Give your Christmas tree an imaginative feel and make it bold with these leather ornaments!

Get natural beauty and shape with these leather Christmas ornaments! The ornaments are shaped in 3D and look super cool. They definitely give the tree a natural feel and make it an eye-catching item because of its shapes. If you want a bolder look, just dye them bright colors.

If you like leather but want something a little more traditional this is for you! This is a bright two color leather Christmas ornament shaped like a traditional one. I love the green leather Christmas tree on it! If you love it too and want to decorate your tree with a piece like this, check out the tutorial.

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