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 orange bathroom decor ideas

Kyer orange bathroom decor ideas

Industrial and modern farmhouse vibe for this bathroom. #lightingdesign #lighting #whitebathroom #industrial – – lighting orange bathroom decor ideas

Orange is amazing, it's vibrant, vibrant and mood-lifting, and it's an amazing color for a functional space. Orange is a super energetic color that creates excitement and is great for a bathroom as it will help you wake up or lift your mood instantly. How can you stylishly incorporate this color into your bathroom decor?

Orange walls

Orange walls or at least one accent wall are the most obvious solution for adding color to your room. You can boldly rock all the walls in orange or burnt orange, or just go for a single wall with paint or tile - this will be a statement. Such decor is totally welcome for many styles, from vintage to contemporary. Maybe only Scandinavian doesn't go well together. Orange isn't a very compatible color and is usually used with black and white, chocolate brown, or turquoise as a contrast, so some color palettes don't go well together here either.

Other ideas

How else can you incorporate orange into your home decor when painting or tiling walls is too difficult or even impossible? Do that with furniture and appliances! An orange vanity top, shelves, lamps, and even bathtubs and sinks will give you the pop of color you want and are not that difficult to install. If you're in love with orange, you can even go for a solid orange bathroom and really love it! Take a look at the pictures and get inspired to fill your bathroom with color!

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