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use antlers home decor

#kitchendecor use antlers home decor

#kitchendecor use antlers home decor

Do you have antlers and don't know what to do with them? Use them to give your home a rustic or cabin-like touch. Antlers never go out of style, regardless of whether they are natural or artificial. Skirt antlers have a lot of ideas, and we're just sharing a few of them.

Functional ideas with antlers

Antlers can easily be turned into racks, holders and hangers. Spray the antlers and attach them to the wall for a convenient piece of storage. Antlers can become a towel holder, a jewelry hanger, a wine rack or an entrance shelf. Wine racks with antlers are easy to make - just clip an antler to the chalkboard and place it on the wall, or clip an antler together to create a cool wine display on your table.

Antler decor ideas

Antlers are perfect for adding a rustic touch to any interior. They bring some noble mood. Put up a mirror with antlers; Make console table legs out of antlers. Antlers can be turned into candle holders or entire candelabra. They are perfect for making cabin style chandeliers and lamps. Add them to wreaths, garlands, centerpieces, and wind chimes to make your home decor cozier and more comfortable. Antlers with flowers and pumpkins or moss balls are ideal for any autumn centerpiece, including weddings. Antlers add a cozy fall boho touch to your interior, and many rooms look great with them.

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