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kitchen wall storage ideas

kitchen wall storage ideas

Storage and organization in the kitchen is essential as it is a functional area where you wash, cut, cook, and store many things that you may need anytime. What should you do if your kitchen is small and you still need a lot of storage? The answer is obvious. Just use your walls to store all of these things. What are the best ways to use them?

Open kitchen shelves

Open shelves are the best idea for any type of storage as they are airy and light and don’t look bulky even in the smallest of spaces to do the storage function well. Buy a pair or adapt it to your space yourself, whether it’s a small corner or a large open shelf running along the entire wall. You can make wooden or metal shelves, or even add boxes as open storage shelves.

Built-in shelf in the kitchen

Built-in shelves or cabinets are cool and convenient. Make them right in the wall. You can open them or provide them with doors to hide the stored parts and to organize the space clearly. If your walls are thick enough then you can easily add some niche shelving and the lack of storage space problem will be solved.

Wall brackets and coat hangers for the kitchen

Attach coat hangers and holders for cups, dishes, pans and even groceries to the walls. This is a cool idea for any kitchen. Wood or metal is up to you, just make them solid and sturdy so as not to break your cups. Spices, plates and dishes can be conveniently stored in IKEA frames and rails. Peg boards are always perfect for attaching some hooks, holders and hangers. Here they are very functional.

Pompons make everything softer and cuter at the same time! They are simple and very cheap to make, and the craft itself is so simple that even your children can do it - these are the reasons why you often use pompoms in your decor. Today I want to offer you some crafts for the upcoming Easter, and all of them include pompoms of different sizes - you will be surprised how many ways there are to use them!

Easter baskets are always a must for a great Easter. You wake up and crawl down the stairs and there is this wonderful pastel colored basket full of chocolates and goodies. You don't always have to make super bold Easter eggs, you can just make the baskets colorful and have fun decorating them with bold pompoms!

Make colorful pompom easter eggs for your kids to play and decorate the table with. There are many ways to make pompoms and this is where the author uses an embroidery hoop because it's easy and quick, and the flat edges are great for preventing the yarn from sliding around too much. However, the multicolored effect works with whatever method you choose!

With spring here and Easter on the horizon, this exclusive Pompon Bunny project is for you! Grab your supplies and let's start making these cute pompom bunnies to hide in Easter baskets or decorate your mantelpiece.

Dying eggs are not for you? too much chaos and you don't have time for it? This is a really fun project to try with kids or by yourself when you have pom poms lying around. All you need are blown or hard-boiled eggs, pom-poms, and craft glue.

These adorable DIY pompom placemats add a fun and charming touch to the Easter table and are incredibly easy to make! You can add a lining if you want, which will make your pompom placemats a little more stable. Enjoy and stay charming!

Children will love the story of a rabbit carrying eggs to children's homes on the night before Easter. If you too, you can make a pocket-sized pompom bunny for babies or young children, or for decorations for the upcoming Easter. Have fun!

This cute spring bobble wreath is super easy to make, with its cute felt Easter bunny, pom poms, mini eggs and a tiny little fabric flag to top it off. This project is perfect for using up the little bits and pieces of your fabric and yarn so you don't have to spend a lot on them.

While they may not be edible, these Easter pom-pom treats are just as cute as the original. This is a great project for using up spare balls of yarn in your knitting kit. Use pastel shades for a pretty Easter decoration.

Learn how to make this adorable DIY pompom bunny garland from materials you already have in your craft room. If you've never done pompoms before, don't worry - it's a breeze! These "pompom makers" make sure the process is this quick and will help your pompoms look professional every time.

In this tutorial you will learn how to make different colorful pompoms for Easter decor. They have different patterns - stripes, polka dots, etc. - all of which are colorful and fun. You can use them as Easter eggs, bunnies, birds, and to make garlands.

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