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kitchen islands with eating zones

kitchen islands with eating zones

A kitchen island is a must have for all kitchens except the smallest. It is a convenient surface for washing, peeling and cooking. But a kitchen island can have more functions: it can have storage space, dog food, a dining area or breakfast. Let’s take a look at the coolest kitchen islands with dining areas.

Kitchen islands with a dining area

Choose a kitchen island that matches your decorating style and colors and decide where you want a dining area: on one side of the island, in part of it if it’s long, or maybe you prefer the whole island to be one Dining area is. Everything here depends on the shape and appearance of your island, and you can incorporate some storage shelves into the island as well.

Two-tier kitchen islands

A modern trend is a two-story kitchen island that instantly defines the dining area. There is usually a raised countertop that becomes the dining area here, and the cooking area is lower. Another idea is to have a completely different part of your kitchen island – lower or higher – aimed at eating there. Check out some ideas we’ve gathered!

Ice cream only screams summer! And with summer in full swing, it is high time to add a tasty cheer to your interior. I've prepared a whole bunch of cool ice-cream-inspired DIYs that are not edible but are perfect for decorating.

Here is another amazing idea of ​​how to decorate your house for a summer party. Make DIY cream cones that you can hang anywhere! In fact, such a decor will be great not only for parties, but also for children's rooms, it will be fun!

Add summer joy to your home office or your usual office with this cute desk organizer! Make a rocket pop organizer to fill with paper clips or even tiny popsicle erasers! Such a colorful accessory will help you feel the summer even during work and will help you improve your mood.

Here's another craft for those who work hard: an sundae letter holder! It's perfect for brightening up your desk and making mail - junk mail and the least popular paid bills - a little more fun!

Watercolors are a hot trend in decor, and if you like this trend, it's high time to use it to create a stunning ice cream watercolor wall art. There are three different cones and while the craft seems difficult, it isn't - there is a detailed tutorial.

You can't go wrong with a fun paper banner - especially if it's an ice cream! Perfect for ice cream parlors, summer evenings, or just because this banner is so cute. It is easy to make, and any patterned or solid card stock can work.

Do you need a piece of art to upgrade a simple wall? Go on ice! This is a great paper DIY for kids or teens or smart ladies, it's basically for anyone who likes ice cream, yes. The project also includes painting and scrapbooking so you can have fun crafting and get a colorful result.

Here is another office-inspired craft - yes, we feel sorry for those who work hard on those warm summer days. Add the cuteness to your work or home office with this adorable magnetic paper clip dispenser! It looks like a real ice cream cone, wow so cute I'm sure you will have one after work.

These fun pieces make great flower vases and planters, and can also be placed on the table! Or you can use it as a pen holder for your desk. There are so many options, be careful because you will be craving real ice cream! Make these waffle cones and turn your plants into a delicious treat!

This is another ice cream cone garland, but the thing is, it's 3D! Real ice cream cones are used to make this garland, and balls of yarn are used for ice cream. Choose balls of yarn in different bold colors and make a great ice cream party or just a summer decor.

This piece can be used as a card or wall decoration, it's up to you. Art is interested because it doesn't paint or draw, but sews! For a bold home decor, sew an ice cream on a black background and enjoy the effect.

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