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kitchen floors renovations

kitchen floors renovations

A kitchen is the heart of every home! We all love to gather, cook, talk and eat there, and there is no more functional and popular place in a house. Kitchen decor should be stylish yet very functional: use every inch of your space, choose open shelves so it doesn’t look bulky, find creative storage and organization ideas that will help you save space, accommodate everything you need, and still that Feeling of having your kitchen is spacious.

The surfaces should be practical: a tile or glass back wall to make them easy to wash and not break, concrete or Corian cooking surfaces so as not to be destroyed while cooking and to clean them without problems, and of course the floors. No matter which material you choose for the floors, be aware that your family can drop and spill almost anything there, including vinegar. So be prepared to wash and renovate these frequently.

I’ve put together some DIY projects for those of you who have decided to tweak, or just update, your kitchen floors. Laying tiles or covering your floors with wood isn’t that difficult, and you can easily do it yourself in case you’ve decided to change floors. Painting the floors is a cool way to renovate them if they aren’t badly damaged. There are also special tiles that can cover the floor for some time, they look great, and you can order them in different locations. Read the tutorials below and choose the ideas that best suit your floors. Be creative!

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A wine cork ship

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Video shows how to make bathing boats


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