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kitchen decor trends

kitchen decor trends

Are you planning a kitchen renovation this year? The first thing to consider are the hottest kitchen decorating trends to avoid creating an outdated space in your home. The kitchen is often the heart of your home, especially if you enjoy cooking. The design should be functional, chic and cozy – choose the trends that best suit your taste.


Marble is a timeless decor that can be added anywhere and instantly brings chic and elegance. This year, look for heavily veined marble for backsplashes and countertops, for kitchen islands and other surfaces, or simply choose suitable tiles if marble itself is too expensive.

Dark drama

Atmospheric spaces are all the rage and it won’t change in the near future. So if you love dark colors, if you enjoy refined luxury brought by moody pallets, then this is your time, go to a moody kitchen! Add textured woods, catchy countertops, and fittings to make your design more special and cool.

Color pop

Kitchens with light splashes of color always look cooler and bolder than purely neutral or just dark ones. When you’re ready to add a colorful stain to your space, you can either paint a wall or buy some bold-colored appliances – all of which can be easily changed when you get tired of it.

Handless looks

The latest contemporary designs are all about a multifunctional, free flowing design with a paired-back look. Thanks to technological advances in opening and closing doors, it has become possible to do without handles in both wall and base cabinets. If you don’t prefer clip-on cabinets, the recessed handles offer the same sleek look and can be lined with contrasting colors and materials to add interest.

Pantry love

Larder cabinets, sometimes known as pantries, have been kitchen staples for centuries and have established themselves as one of the indispensable items in modern homes in recent years. Having a pantry makes perfect sense. All groceries are in one place and not scattered in numerous closets. Do you need more decor trends for kitchen 2020? Go here!

Signs are great for decorating both indoors and outdoors, and most of us can easily make them. As Halloween approaches, it is high time to make some mark on the holiday and decorate your porch and interiors. Check out these DIYs and choose!

This simple and stylish Halloween sign has all of the modern features we like: geometry, contrasts and bold looks. This is an orange and black plywood hexagon sign. With paper bats, it's pretty easy to make and rather laconic. If you don't like hexagons, choose the shape you like and make it a reality.

Here's another modern and laconic Halloween character. This is a black and white cobweb sign and the letters are pretty simple and stylish. The idea is to use cricut and stencils on the sign and then frame it - very easy and can even be done by a starter. Get inspired!

Here's a bright and bold Halloween sign with a touch of glamor - it sparkles! The colors are traditionally Halloween-like: black, purple and orange and a touch of glitter! I love the bold and moody look and the pretty bows on the sign - this is super cute and fun, not that scary. Make this timeless sign for your Halloween decor!

Here's a brave Halloween trio - Dead End, Haunted and Turn Back! The craft is very simple: just take ready-made foam signs and spruce them up with black and light colors for Halloween. The project isn't difficult and it's great to make an outdoor space look like Halloween too. Make this piece and clip it outside somewhere, enjoy!

This colorful and bright sign is great for a girls Halloween party - it's amazing and fun! The sign has lots of confetti and a funny quote - Drink Up, Witches! Bet your girls will love this sign hanging over the bar cart. So if you want to have a party like this, do this sign too and have fun!

Halloween decor can be rustic too, and this sign proves it. The sign is made of stained wood and features a witch riding a broom - these are Halloween classics. Such a piece is perfect for decorating your front door and porch, hang it on chains and voila! The craft itself is pretty simple so read it and do it.

Not only is this sign perfect for Halloween, but Thanksgiving too - it's reversible! The piece has two pages, each for each vacation. The quotes and letters are traditional for both the holidays and the colors, although you can vary them and get something different, but the idea of ​​a reversible sign is great - you won't clutter your space when those holidays are up. Get inspired!

I love how scary this sign looks - that's true Halloween spirit! This sign is made up of three parts, it contains a 3D skeleton hand and some blood - great for decorating an outdoor area! The only thing you need to buy is a skeleton hand that you can attach to part of the shield. Read how to do it and decorate your room with such a cool and scary sign!

This simple and bold sign is a dollar store item renovation! The original piece is a black plate with skulls on it, which you then brush up with gold paint and a new center with a Halloween quote. You can pick any quote and color to make the skulls stand out, although metallic colors are great for covering up black. Such a craft doesn't cost much, so get inspired and enjoy the result!

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