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kids spider wall art craft

kids spider wall art craft

These summer crafts for kids are very easy to make and just can’t be done wrong. Put duct tape on canvas or on a sheet of thick paper and let the child do what they want: messy expressing colors, painting with brushes, leaving stamps, using a roller, the main goal is to have fun. When we remove the tape, we get a real masterpiece of modern art. Let’s complete the pictorial craft with a spider and flies, and a cool piece of art made with kids is ready!

Video shows how to make a cool spider wall art

Although different bright colors are on trend from one year to the next, neutral colors are absolutely universal and will always be on trend. More and more homeowners and designers prefer them, and this is not surprising as neutrals have many advantages: They visually enlarge the space, make it airy and ethereal and are always inviting. Let's take a look at how to decorate your home office neutrally with style and chic.

Colors and styles

Neutrals are neutral colors. You can also add pastel colors or muted colors there if you want color. What styles can you choose with neutrals? Literally any style! Modern, minimalist, rustic, farmhouse, vintage, boho, shabby chic and many others are welcome - they will look amazing in these airy colors! Choose what you love or mix and match some styles to create an eclectic look that will catch the eye, as the absence of eye catching is one of the main drawbacks of neutrals.


Avoiding boring looks is one of the most important things to do when decorating with neutral colors. Furniture, decor and accessories will help you with this. Start with textured walls - cover them with wallpaper, plaster, or other textural materials for more interest. Try wicker or rattan furniture for a boho or farmhouse space, choose catchy and quirky furniture designs for other styles, nifty shabby chic items, and other pieces that you like. Add bold and stylish decor and accessories in the decorating style you choose and remember to rock some potted plants and flowers when they go together. Enjoy!

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