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kids party balloon centerpieces

kids party balloon centerpieces

Kids parties are fun and cute. As you prepare for one, you may need some ideas. If you’re looking for some cool party centerpieces for kids, I have a cool idea for you – balloon centerpieces! They are cute, affordable, variable, and can be made by you. Balloons are great for various party themes and they come in many colors.

Balloon bouquets

Make a cool bouquet of balloons in the colors you need – they can be attached to straws or just with thread. Place the bouquet in a vase, box, or spray-painted bottle. You can make arrangements with stuffed toys, pieces of fence with balloons, sprinkles and glitter if you want.

Single balloon centerpiece

A super cool centerpiece can be created with just one balloon. Wanna know how Attach a balloon to a basket with dishes as a practical centerpiece, to some toys, just to the table or to boxes that mimic gift boxes. Looks cute and such a centerpiece is very easy to make!

Other ideas

Colorful balloon garlands on the tables easily create a bold festive ambience. Combos and towers made of balloons look pretty and you can add monograms and different props, get inspired!

If you have breathtaking views of your home and you want to enjoy most of them, why not rock a new and unique decor feature that is on trend today? Backsplashes in the window kitchen enliven your space and provide a beautiful view. What can be more beautiful than nature? All you have to do is make a long and narrow window that mimics your backsplash - and that's it! Glass is pretty easy to care for, just make it thick so as not to break. The view between the cabinets will look amazing and absolutely unique.

Skylights and window backsplashes

Combine skylights and window backsplashes for a more noticeable look. If you opt for horizontal skylights that repeat the backsplash lines, things get even cooler. You will flood the room with light and your kitchen will be stunning. Another important feature of window backsplashes is that you feel like you're outdoors. This is especially good if you don't have an outdoor dining area.

Window backsplashes

Rock a minimalist or modern kitchen with a window backsplash, and the greens and flowers outside contrast with white or creamy cabinetry. Add windows if you can, and they can also be foldable to further connect the kitchen with the outdoors.

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