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kids halloween diys

kids halloween diys

There’s only a month left to Halloween, and it’s high time to organize some activities for the kids, make fun decorations, and craft spooky treats. Today’s round-up is devoted to various Halloween DIYs – to do for kids, with kids, and fun on that special day. The roundup includes spooky and tasty treats to keep your kids excited, party favors like pinatas, bunting, and treats, and some other handicrafts to keep your kids busy and happy!

Gourmet craft

Take simple popcorn to the next level with some cute and creepy add-ins that go with Halloween. This quick and addicting popcorn mix with dark chocolate chips, salty pumpkin seeds, and spooky mini marshmallows only takes a moment. The marshmallows are super cute and take seconds to decorate with an edible food stick.

Halloween is just around the corner, and if you’re looking for a simple treat idea, these dipped pretzels might be just the thing! Perfect for classroom gifts or Halloween parties. Pretzel sticks are dipped in candy melts and decorated with candy eyes. So easy, scary and fun! These dipped pretzels take a while to make, but are very simple.

Halloween doesn’t have to be about chocolate and sweets. Sweet, sweet, tasty chocolate and candy. Fruit can also transform into those boneless, fearsome mummies that come straight from the grave. Really very scary. Those fucking googly eyes are way too cute to be scary. And so be careful, attack of the mummy fruit! Here’s a great idea for healthy Halloween party goodies.

Celebrate the season of the creepy monsters with these Frankenstein Rice Krispies® Treats. This simple recipe is great for Halloween parties and for the family to watch your favorite Halloween movies.

These Monster Jolly Rancher lollipops serve as a double duty for both Halloween parties and monster parties. Oh, and of course they’re super easy to do. All you need is some Jolly Rancher candy, some candy eyes, and lollipop sticks. Choose any three colors of candy for each monster and arrange them as you like, horizontally, vertically or in a combination of both directions.

Are you having a Halloween party this year or do you need a cute and simple idea? These cauldron cupcakes are perfect for parties and easy to make with kids.

Party stuff

These handmade candy corn popcorn paper cone holders just scream Halloween! This is a pretty easy craft and a great touch for a night of scary movies. And because it’s so simple, you can make them in any quantity. Read the tutorial to make them!

Creepy crawling DIY Halloween spider cups are perfect for a Halloween party or for fun Halloween crafts with the kids! They will have a great time together and have fun with these spider mugs. Plus, they don’t look too scary – great for young kids too.

Are you planning your own Monster Mash Bash? These printable toppers with monster mouth treats are the perfect way to hand out some cute snacks! When assembled, the treats are revealed through the cut-out mouth, making it look like every monster is eating them, and there are four designs to choose from!

I am sure you will love these cute Halloween bags! These come together pretty quickly and are just so super cute! They’re perfect for gifts for teachers, friends, or family members, or even as trick-or-treat bags for Halloween!

You can find more candy boxes here that you can use to make children happy during the party or give them gifts for that party. These creepy spider candy boxes are really easy to make – invite your kids to do this together and have fun getting ready for the party!

Do you have any cool home decorations for the party? Speaking of the last minute, there is a wonderfully easy craft for you to use to prepare your house for little tricks or treats, or just to add some Halloween whimsy to your home in case you haven’t already. This quick and easy DIY Halloween flag will add a festive flair to a pumpkin-free porch.

The recycled pop-up Halloween shoebox theater is a breeze and looks amazing as a kitchen table centerpiece when the kids aren’t making up fantastic stories. Use a shoebox for the stage and cola glass bottles for the main characters. The bottles are of course party favors on ice and moonlight as the stars of the stage.

Activities and decor

Get your kids in the Halloween mood by making these fun felt can monsters. A great way to recycle old cans and celebrate that spooky holiday in a cute (not scary) way! Your kids love the open process of making their own monsters. All you need is scraps of felt and cute googly eyes to get to work creating lots of whimsical monster personalities.

This is a fun craft that will help you get into the spirit of the vacation with the kids. Felt finger puppets in Halloween characters! They are easy to make and fun to decorate. Your kids can use it to host a Halloween themed puppet show or just carry around some creepy friends. You can have fun making them but also have fun playing with them afterwards which is why we love this craft. It keeps our little fingers busy!

This fun bat craft has a bat doll that kids love to play with and fly around in their own little paper plate theater! Such a great bat craft that inspires imaginative gaming and storytelling. To make it easy to create, there are two printable templates to choose from so that your flying bat pupae can soar between the hills and rooftops. When you make a Halloween bat craft there is a scary graveyard scene! Of course, if you want a different night scene for your bat doll craft, creating your own is easy too.

I think Dracula needs a haircut! Vampire haircut is a fun Halloween craft that will turn a creepy vampire into a silly looking one. It’s also a simple, hands-on activity for toddlers and preschoolers. An activity to help little ones work on their fine motor skills as they thread yarn through holes and develop scissor cutting skills.

For young children, pumpkins may not be on the cards until they are older. This no-carve squash-paint pumpkin art is an easy setup that results in beautiful and colorful pumpkins. Kids will love the process of creating it as much as the end result!

Monsters and Halloween go hand in hand. They don’t always have to be scary like my monster bookmarks that are darn cute! All these plastic spoon monsters want to do is do trick or treating! So what do you say Do you want to make some cute monsters yourself?

If you’re looking for easy Halloween crafts for kids, your trash can is your place! With a little help from Mod Podge and tissue paper (or napkins), you can turn empty glasses into adorable pumpkins or jack-o-lanterns. Made from recycled glass, these lights are easy to make and a perfect first mod podge project.

Especially in summer it can be difficult to find suitable activities for our children. If you're not sure about the right activities to find or how to spend time together, I have a brilliant idea for you! Painting stones or pebbles is a creative craft, and you can create different animals and creatures together or make the children's favorite characters. Let's see what you can DIY.

Every fan of the Star Wars films knows what a Jawa is. They are tiny humanoids that are usually only about 3 feet tall. They inhabit the desert planet Tatooine and are known as scavengers of machines. So keep your droids close by! These Star Wars Jawa rocks are just one of the easy kid crafts you can make this summer.

A lot of fun making this flamingo puzzle! This one is perfect for summer and includes the artful addition of a fluffy handmade pompom. You will mainly need stones, thread, and paint to complete this creative flamingo rock puzzle.

Summer is a great time to spend outside, especially on the beaches. We love days at the sea, we build sandcastles and look for stones that we can take home as souvenirs. This adorable stonefish craft is a fun invitation to create for kids. Just lay out colors, markers and stones and see what they come up with.

The painted rocks are a creative project that has taken over the nation by force with the main aim of making someone smile and brighten their day. Participation is something anyone can do at any age. All you have to do is find one! These rocks are made in vivid colors that are guaranteed to brighten a person's day. There are unicorn rocks, frozen, rainbows and inspirational quotes.

Did you have a pet skirt as a kid? There are some really fun cactus rocks for adults and I thought it would be fun making cactus rocks for kids. Kids will love to paint and choose their favorite cactus rock for this easy craft project! How much cuter can these cactus rocks be? And they're so easy to do too!

Here is another kid's puzzle made out of stones. It's a rock giraffe, but not just a painted giraffe on a rock, and each piece of rock goes together to create a cute animal giraffe! The great thing about this project is that you can get the kids involved in stone painting which is pretty easy and fun for them! When old enough, they can help add the spots with markers or paint and draw them on the face. If not, these details can be handled easily.

Help your child learn the alphabet that makes a rock alphabet - it's a fun way to teach toddlers letters in a bright, quirky way. You can choose any colors and prints and your children are invited to paint these stones.

Painting on rocks is a fun summer craft! The authors used two different types of paint, both of which are very suitable for this purpose, including outdoors. They turned the pebbles into a game of tic tac toe with 4 pieces of bamboo skewers as a grid. Both the pebbles and the skewers are easy to bring with you when you travel. You can also draw the grid with pen and paper.

Do your kids love minions? If they like Despicable Me, make cool henchmen in jail painting stones. Invite your kids to do minions together and let them play and have fun after you're done!

These fun garden rock caterpillars are great for kids. Find some stones in the garden! This project is ideal for remembering your childhood and giving your kids a piece of it. This fun project is a great way to get your kids excited about the garden! Creating your own garden rock caterpillar to "guard" the garden is a fun activity for the whole family. It's cheap and easy too! And kids can help gather the supplies they need!

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