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Kids Art Display Box: 10 Minute Hack to Save and Show Your Kids Art
diy shadow boxes

Kids Art Display Box: 10 Minute Hack to Save and Show Your Kids Art diy shadow boxes

Staging children’s works of art | interchangeable images | Storage box and picture frame | DIY diy shadow boxes

A shadow box is a closed glass front that contains an object or objects that are presented in a thematic grouping with artistic or personal significance. The grouping of objects and the effect of depth created by their relative heights from the background create a dramatic visual result. Today we're sharing some of the cutest shadow boxing ideas that you can easily make at home and decorate in style.

The first project is a nice, easy way to add a touch of fall to your decor, and the project can easily be changed for other seasons.

A school picture house shadow box is a fun way to display your children's school picture by making a scrapbook and putting it in a cute house shadow box. Add lots of embellishments for flair.

These shadow boxes serve as wall storage! All of the craft is about buying ready-made ones and then spicing them up with pastel colored paper. Wall-mount the boxes and get cool, spring-inspired storage.

For those who are already looking for spring projects, this one is for you. It's a spring project inspired by Mother Nature herself: it's an adorable moss monogram shadow box.

Valentine's Day is a great time to show off some pink. This simple tutorial will show you how to create a shadow box that is perfect for Valentine's Day! It will look great on all lovers' day!

Whether you live in a small apartment or are a student living in a dormitory, finding space to display or store your belongings can be difficult. Another problem is keeping your belongings in style. A storage shadow box can easily solve this problem!

This ombre elephant shadow box is a perfect decoration for a kid's room. Keep the elephants in the colors that go with your nursery decor and enjoy!

A little bit minimalist, a little bit retro and lots of pink! These adorable shadow boxes were made from the pink orthoputz and a few other easy-to-find items. Stand alone on a side table or hang all four together for a wall party.

This Christmas shadow box with a quote is really a last minute craft as it takes no more than 5 minutes to make. Check out the source for how to do it quickly.

Here is another shadow box, but it has a special shape: an ampersand. The piece is made of cardboard and perfectly holds everything you need.

You can save money with a shadow box! Make some creative prints and put them in for savings.

Pompons are the cutest! So why not make these pretty pink shadow boxes with pompoms? Make different fun prints and add colorful and glittery pompoms to calm and cheer yourself up.

This shadow box is inspired and will remind you of travel. A card is a base for the box and then you will see swallows flying on it somewhere - such a romantic and inspiring idea!

These shadow boxes are used for decoration and storage. By changing the background and objects, you can create almost any composition you like. Such a creative art idea!

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