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Insp ✰ ✰ # inspo4vsco #goodvibesandhightides #fatmoodz #caliivibes #teensvsco #hoetivitieslmao |  michall – world’s best #diy blogs
boho kitchen decor ideas

Insp ✰ ✰ # inspo4vsco #goodvibesandhightides #fatmoodz #caliivibes #teensvsco #hoetivitieslmao | michall – world’s best #diy blogs boho kitchen decor ideas

# inspo4vsco #goodvibesandhightides #fatmoodz #caliivibes #teensvsco boho kitchen decor ideas

Boho chic is all the rage right now and this is a lifestyle. This not only means that you live free-spirited, but also dress like that and incorporate such vibrations into your home decor as well. Creating a boho space around you isn't as difficult or tricky as it may seem. It's easy, and today we're going to look at boho kitchens and ways to style them.

Color schemes

Boho rooms are usually super bold, bright, and cheerful - they can be filled with all kinds of colors, from pink and red to green and blue, and you can rock them in any proportions. Another idea is to give preference to warm and neutral color schemes with tan, terracotta, rust, and other such shades. Neutral rooms are also welcome if you love very light shades and whites, go for them, or add drama with black accents and create a trendy monochromatic boho room.


Boho style is all about catchy accessories, touches and textures. First, take a look at textiles and bedding - it can be boho, folk or tribal and traditional Persian rugs in various shades or Moroccan wedding blankets, as rugs are exactly what you need. Brightly printed curtains, towels, tablecloths, napkins and other items add to your space and can be easily replaced when you get tired of it. In addition, textiles and macrame hangings as well as crochet rugs can be made by yourself, which means that you do not have to spend a lot of money on decor. The last one is green - you need potted plants, cacti, and succulents to make your space feel more like the outdoors. You can also add some details of other styles that you want to mix up or some pointers on the location if it is a tropical, coastal, farmhouse or beach boho kitchen, for example. Get inspired!

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