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industrial home office decor ideas

industrial home office decor ideas

Industrial style is quite popular, easily goes with trendy masculine and moody styles, and can be easily mixed with other styles like rustic, farmhouse, vintage and modern. Today I would like to offer you some industrial home offices that can inspire you to design your home office that way.


Metal is an indispensable part of industrial style and should be exposed, rough and bold – not elegant and shiny surfaces. Rock furniture with metal legs and even piping – the rougher the look you choose, the cooler it will be. Metal tables or desks with metal legs, shelves with plumbing, metal cabinets, metal chandeliers, and lamps and wire boards are just the thing to bring this style to life in your home office.


Now it’s time to tone down the look with wood – it’s a perfect pair for rough metal that you’ve already incorporated. Rock wooden tabletops and shelves, grab wooden desks and chairs, think of wooden wall art, and other things you might need. If you want a more industrial look, use less wood, and if you want a softer look, choose more wood.


Every space you design needs decor, even the smallest of spaces. The decor for your home office should be chosen according to the combination of the styles you use: industrial and vintage, industrial and rustic, industrial and whim, industrial and modern and so on. These can be stylish works of art and motivational signs, potted greens and flowers, statement mirrors and clocks, boards and monograms, and other things. Check out the ideas below!

Valentine's Day is just around the corner and it is high time to create something for the holiday: gifts, decor and other things. Today's recap is dedicated to cool wall art pieces for Valentine's Day. They are cute and heartwarming. I bet your lover will be happy to see such a decoration during your intimate dinner and your gals will be happy to see such wall art at your galentine party.

The first craft in our summary is about the arrows that Cupids throw at us. These are large wooden and metal foil arrows that you can hang anywhere. The craft is pretty simple and doesn't take a lot of time to make. Plus, it's an unusual way to decorate your space.

LED decorations of all types are very popular these days, and string art pieces are trending now - you can see many tutorials and items on offer. This wall art includes both ideas: it's a cool thread yarn heart with LEDs, looks super cute! Your guests or partners will be delighted!

This cute wall art piece can be given as a card and the quilling technique makes it special. The piece is colorful and fun, and even if you've never tried this technique before, it's a very simple tutorial that is great even for a beginner. Both kids and adults will love such art!

Such amazing wall art is super easy to make and consists of several pieces. Each piece is an embroidery frame with fabric and colorful applications - hearts, pompoms, letters and other things. Choose the same decor as here or try different things - customize the wall art pieces to your liking.

Children are welcome to create this wall art! Take a canvas or piece of wood and some paints to make it - paint a mason jar that is filled with hearts, looks very cute, and is easy to make. Add details you like or keep it that way and enjoy!

Here is another embroidery hoop wall art made of hoops, burlap, lace trimmings, wooden hearts, and thread. The result is an arrangement of cool embroidery frames with hearts that look rustic, cute, cute and very cozy. Such art will be beautiful even after the vacation, it will go perfectly with a shabby chic or rustic interior.

If you are familiar with origami techniques or if you want to try them out, you can make this cute heart shaped origami wall art. Choose bold red or pink origami paper or wrapping paper and make a cool heart, then hang it on thread and voila!

Here's another heart wall art, it's easy! The artwork is made of colored paper - just cute triangles made of paper of different colors, and attach them to a piece of cardboard or paper that forms a heart. It's super simple, kid-friendly and gives the room a trendy geometric touch. Enjoy!

Metallic accents are very much on trend for home decor, and this centerpiece art piece is a great idea to add an edgy piece to your space. It is a wooden heart decorated with gold leaf that you can hang on a table, console, mantelpiece or simply on the wall.

Watercolor is a super trendy idea, and rocking it in home decor is awesome. Let's do some watercolor wall art in bold pink for Valentine's Day to come! Read the tutorial to find out how to create it, then frame it.

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