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industrial home office decor ideas

industrial home office decor ideas

Industrial style is quite popular, easily goes with trendy masculine and moody styles, and can be easily mixed with other styles like rustic, farmhouse, vintage and modern. Today I would like to offer you some industrial home offices that can inspire you to design your home office that way.


Metal is an indispensable part of industrial style and should be exposed, rough and bold – not elegant and shiny surfaces. Rock furniture with metal legs and even piping – the rougher the look you choose, the cooler it will be. Metal tables or desks with metal legs, shelves with plumbing, metal cabinets, metal chandeliers, and lamps and wire boards are just the thing to bring this style to life in your home office.


Now it’s time to tone down the look with wood – it’s a perfect pair for rough metal that you’ve already incorporated. Rock wooden tabletops and shelves, grab wooden desks and chairs, think of wooden wall art, and other things you might need. If you want a more industrial look, use less wood, and if you want a softer look, choose more wood.


Every space you design needs decor, even the smallest of spaces. The decor for your home office should be chosen according to the combination of the styles you use: industrial and vintage, industrial and rustic, industrial and whim, industrial and modern and so on. These can be stylish works of art and motivational signs, potted greens and flowers, statement mirrors and clocks, boards and monograms, and other things. Check out the ideas below!

The French country style is charming, elegant, and rather inexpensive as you can use flea market finds here. Such a style is currently on trend in decoration, as vintage and shabby chic decor with rustic accents is welcoming and calming. We've already shared some ideas to rock this style in different rooms and today we're going to be looking at the French country style living rooms.


Go neutral and pastel colors, nothing too bold and colorful, this style is all about soft textures and colors, that's why it's so calming and relaxing. White and cream are definitely your choices and pastel colors can add some joy and color if needed. All-white rooms with silver accents are welcome, sweet floral patterns on the walls, furniture and textiles are ideal for such a facility.


You can play with textures to keep the space in view. Use natural hues and whitewashed wood, silver, a variety of textiles and upholstery, even stone and brick if you like - for the walls or the fireplace. Metal lanterns and crystal chandeliers give the room a special look.


Her furniture choices are vintage, shabby chic and rustic - a cool mix of all of these pieces. The good news is that you don't have to spend a lot of money on it. Just go to the flea market and buy what you want. Then give this furniture a rustic and shabby chic look with the help of tutorials and various techniques. Choose a gorgeous crystal chandelier for a sophisticated look that is a must for such interiors.

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