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img_0635 – Private Newport

 brick patio ideas

img_0635 – Private Newport brick patio ideas

img_0635 – Private Newport brick patio ideas

Spring is approaching and it is high time to think about your patio or decking design or decor if you already have it. Today I want to talk about brick decks because they have a cool, distinctive look that cannot be achieved with other materials. A brick patio is a good choice for homes that have brick built into their exterior design. If you continue the same material, inside and outside feel connected. What are the advantages and disadvantages of such a terrace?


The brick made today is very durable and means that it will last a long time. Bricks are more porous than natural stone, and if you spill something or if it rains, the water can quickly seep into the ground or evaporate.

Bricks are low maintenance, sweep them when necessary and wash stains with soapy water if they occur. Pavers need to be resealed approximately every 3 years. With bricks, it's very easy to replace the broken part in case it happens.


Paving stones do not allow great versatility in design. They come in a few different colors and textures, and the layout allows for some variation in the design.

Bricks are an expensive option. When estimating the cost, consider the price of sand, frames, and any equipment you may need to buy or rent, such as: B. a block divider or a wet saw.

Bricks are here to stay, it will be extremely difficult to change the design after it's done. In the future, if you want to change the size, style, or color of your patio, it will be an expensive and difficult task.

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