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Ikea Home Office Ideas: My New Design Studio Reveal! diy ikea desk hacks

Ikea Home Office Ideas: My New Design Studio Reveal! diy ikea desk hacks

diy ikea desk hacks

IKEA is famous for its simple furniture that easily fits into any modern, and not just modern, interior. But how can you personalize it and make it cooler? Light! There are tones of hacks that show how to completely change whole parts, add new legs, finishes and details, and you are sure to find plenty of them for each part. Today we're discussing desk hacks, and this round-up not only covers desk hacks, but also various IKEA items that have been turned into cool desks.

Desk hacks

If you want to add touchless and removable details, self-adhesive vinyl is the perfect material! In this round-up, we'll teach you how to easily hack a boring IKEA desk and turn it into a colorful piece that can be turned back at any time as the self-adhesive vinyl is removable. Make a makeover with no color and enjoy!

This desk consists of Lerberg trestle legs and a Linnmon table top. As you can see in the pictures, the original table legs were a dark gray color. To give them a more glamorous look, spray them with the light gold spray paint or any other metallic shade that is so popular today. Read the entire tutorial to find out how to do that.

If you have two home working people or two children studying, you will need a double desk. Two IKEA Jerker desks are a nice base for such a desk, and Jerker rotating shelves complete the entire work / study area. Read the tutorial on how to build such a station.

If you need a cheap desk that fits in a small space, the IKEA Micke desk is spot on, but there are two issues that people have complained about when using this desk for a desktop computer: The desk is missing the depth, which means you're doing it Place the keyboard in front of the monitor, the monitor is too close to your eyes. The drawer is too low. So when you adjust your chair to the correct height relative to the keyboard, hit your knees against the bottom of the drawer. Instead of inserting the drawer into the drawer slides, attach the drawer slides to a 2 cm thick piece of pine to act as a keyboard shelf. How does it work? Read in the source.

If you love the IKEA prices but think the desks are too simple, you can make some of them look luxurious. This is shown on the unfinished pine desk Vika Amon from IKEA. The idea is to design the top to look like aged wood. The effect is achieved with a firing technique that makes modern wood look like rustic wood. After some stains and finishes, the desk can be a perfect addition to even the most demanding of interiors. If you also add an individually ordered glass plate, it is also very practical and convenient to work with.

This super cute and slim desk is an IKEA Vittsjo hack! First, assemble the table without a shelf (for a laptop) and the glass top. The top is covered with concrete to give it a rough industrial look and the rest is painted to fire the tabletop. Read the entire tutorial to find out how to do that.

IKEA article desks

If you are looking for a desk in the style of the Skogsta series, there is a cool idea for you! Take Medium Skogsta's cutting boards to make a working writing / laptop desk. Hairpin legs are a trendy addition that will make your desk look more stylish and modern.

A cool minimalist desk can easily be made by yourself. Just get some IKEA Malm drawers and let's hack them! You will also need a tabletop of your choice to put on top of the drawers. The piece is pretty easy to make and it will make a nice desk with lots of storage space for everyone!

This cool home office consists of an IKEA kitchen top and kitchen cabinets. The printer will be installed where you would normally place the oven. The cut out piece was cut to size and placed with a small piece on the front. This will hide the high-performance shelf underneath.

IKEA has many hidden gems and here they are - 2 IKEA Hilver table legs, IKEA Linnmon table top and IKEA Micke drawer unit transform into a functional and very cool desk! It's sleek and clean, so it doesn't take up much space in a room - there are no eyesores here. And how about those sexy desk legs? Sometimes you have to hunt around, but IKEA seriously has some lovely little hidden gems!

Malm and Kallax have turned into a cool and functional desk? Yes, please! Read this tutorial to find out how to assemble and enjoy this cool desk.

This gorgeous mid-century modern desk doesn't take up much space and has trendy and chic hairpin legs! The whole piece is made of IKEA Ekby Alex Shelf and some other materials. The coolest thing about it is that it easily fits in a small space, for example behind the sofa, and you get a small and comfortable work corner.

This desk is the perfect place to take notes on projects, make lists for the hardware store, and sketch out new ideas. Thanks to the Kallax containers and snap-in drawers, there is also plenty of storage space. Read on for how you can perform this simple IKEA Desk Hack yourself.

IKEA VIKA ARTUR legs / trestles and a wooden top give you a chic, rustic desk. The trestles are adjustable which is really great, and the desk can double as a cocktail table for entertainment. Just add more stools! Read the entire project to find out how to build it.

Pallets and things from IKEA are part of a lot of cheap DIY projects. Would you like to combine them in one project? Here is a computer table made from a pallet, 4 Vika Curry legs from IKEA, 5mm thick plywood sheets, and planks. It's very cheap to make and very functional. The deck has storage space thanks to the use of the pallet and quite an interesting look thanks to the red legs. As you can also see in the pictures, it's also very easy to do.

This upcycled desk with pink and gold confetti stars is the perfect addition to a nursery or a fun home office! It's so easy to get to and any girl will be obsessed with the subtle pop of color it adds to the room. Don't miss out on how to tinker this adorable office piece below!

If you need a really simple, beautiful desk made from natural material, use the IKEA butcherblock countertop (cuttable, sandable, dyeable and paintable) and some cool legs (like the Vika Inge style shown here which has been replaced by Vika Runtorp) . . Would you like to learn more about this project? Read the full tutorial.

Have you ever tried to do things while standing? In other words, wouldn't you like to have an IKEA standing desk in your house so you can better focus on the task at hand, burn calories while maintaining a nice posture? Remember to build your desk at the perfect working height. For this you need a sturdy and high base. To make a desk like this one, you'll need the following items from IKEA: Vika Artur-Bock, Vika Amon (tabletop), Ekby Alex (wall shelf), a lacquer wall shelf, and a Capita bracket. Read the full tutorial to help you create this piece.

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