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ikea dresser hacks

ikea dresser hacks

IKEA furniture is very popular and I bet it will be. So if you have some IKEA items at home, it’s high time to hack them! Today we’re taking a look at dressers and ways to change them – from repainting to repurposing! Check out the cuties below!

Paint and switch handles

Repainting and changing knobs or handles, or even removing knobs is the most popular type of furniture hack you can find. Choose the right color or color, find matching knobs or handles and off you go! There are many tutorials on the internet that will help you turn your piece into something you really want and need. You can also convert your dresser into another unit if needed – a bedside table, home bar, changing table, console table, or something else.

Other hacks

There are plenty of other hacks too: you can cover the dresser with inlays, you can use wall panels as decor, you can freshen up the look with removable decals, you can uncouple the drawers and even cover them with leather or fabric! The simplest hack is to change handles or buttons and don’t do anything else – this won’t take much time and anyone can do it. Your piece can get a whole new look – it can resemble a library cabinet, apothecary cabinet, vintage chest, or any other desired piece. Mix up different types of hacking, decor and details, reuse and freshen up. You get your own unique item from a simple IKEA chest of drawers!

If you are feeling like something really unique, if you love quirky decor and are looking for something like no other, then this roundup is for you! Today I am sharing stunning industrial and steampunk Christmas decorations that are sure to drive your guests crazy. Industrial decor is popping up, so why not rock out at your home and get a trendy look? Let's look at some ideas.

Trees and tree decor

The purchase or manufacture of ornaments is up to you, but such unique items are usually not sold. So get ready to do a lot of tinkering. You can make a number of stunning Christmas tree decorations from hex nuts or gears and decorate your tree. Make a Christmas tree out of piping or pennies, hang mason jar lids, and attach ornaments in them. You can also make a wall version of rusty hardware. Springs can be turned into snowflakes, and the rustier they are, the better. There are many tutorials on the web so it is easy to find more ideas.

Other decorating ideas

Pulleys, wagon wheels, and oversized gears can all be used as the base for a wreath. You can decorate them with greens, flowers, or just spray paint. Make cool candle holders from rusty sources, decorate them with a lot of green, they do not need special decor, such feathers give both a vintage and an industrial feel. Edge, pine cones, twigs can be used for a garland, and bicycle chain or corrugated iron are ideal for making candle holders. Create unique decorations yourself and find the necessary parts for cheap and industrial decor!

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