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ikea besta hacks

ikea besta hacks

IKEA Besta is a simple and really Scandinavian furniture collection that fits in most modern rooms, but looks too plain and a bit boring. To avoid boring looks, we offer you some ideas on how to reuse and hack your Besta units by rotating them however you want – from a TV console to a toy storage unit. Let’s look at these amazing examples.

TV sets

IKEA Besta is actually a TV, but you can give it a ton of cool looks that will suit your interior and just stand out a little. Paint it, add a wood panel, switch handles for cool leather handles, bold geode buttons, or anything else you like. Vary the open and closed storage compartments and attach the piece to the wall for a floating look.

Sideboard and consoles

IKEA Besta is a perfect storage unit, and all you need to do is freshen it up. How? Paint it, stencil it, add creative legs such as metal or hairpin legs, make a cool top out of wood or even stone or concrete, stencil and change its configuration. Create a cool floating entrance console using an IKEA Besta unit and lacquer shelf, and paint each part a different color for a bold look. Cover the entire sideboard with marble sticky paper for a sophisticated feel. Dress up the entire piece with reclaimed wood for a creative, rustic look.


A bench with storage space is an ideal piece for every modern home, it is a multifunctional unit for rocking. IKEA Besta is great for making such a piece. Add a wooden top or an upholstered seat or cushion to make sitting here more comfortable. Use drawers or compartments or cover the entire part and let access just by lifting the top. Add pillows, bedspreads and anything else you’d like to enjoy here.

Other ideas

IKEA Besta can be used in many other ways, such as a bedside table and a cinema projector. It can be transformed into a colorful toy box or a functional desk with plenty of storage space and a comfortable worktop. Let yourself be inspired and create your own piece!

Macramé is a popular boho element that is becoming increasingly common in home decor. It fits easily into modern and eclectic mid-century boho spaces and creates a relaxed feeling outdoors. Today we're sharing some cool macrame furniture, and if you want decorations, head over to our DIY roundup.

Macrame chairs

A macrame chair is a great idea to add a boho and feel of nature to the room. Such chairs are usually white and round, but of course there are different colors and shapes that easily fit into the room. Not only can you go for adult chairs but some cute kids and babies too. Macramé stools are welcome too, they look boho and even tropical - wood and white macramé on the seat are fantastic.

Other macrame furniture

You can also try macrame day beds, bassinets (oh so cute!), Stools, and even shelves - a hanger that doubles as decor. DIY them or buy them and make your interior more boho, which means edgy.

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