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ideas to use room dividers as headboards

ideas to use room dividers as headboards

If your bedroom is small but you like the look of room dividers, you can still use one there. Use it as a headboard. While this isn’t a common way to use a room divider, it’s still pretty cool and a very popular way to make a statement in your bedroom.

The headboards, which are screens, can be made from a variety of materials: wood, rattan, wicker, plywood, fabric, metal, etc. – this will depend on the style of your room and how it looks. The design is the same: first consider the style of the room and its colors, and then choose a pretty headboard. If it doesn’t fit at all, you can restore, repaint, or re-upholstery to make it fit the space perfectly. Make it contrast and bold to add extra attention to the room or choose a matching headboard to complete the look of your bedroom. You will immediately receive a beautiful decorative element and a headboard. For more creative ideas, see Mirror Headboards and Artificial Chimney Headboards that we showed you earlier.

Do you need an alternative Christmas tree? Make it from pallets! With reclaimed wood or a pallet on hand, tutorials on the internet make it easy to create a unique tree for indoors or outdoors. Today we're sharing some of the cutest ideas that we should try.

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You can make a pallet tree with horizontal or vertical planks - but it's convenient for you. If you want a chic look, you can create a chevron tree from angle pieces. If you don't have time, just take a palette and shape a tree with ornaments and lights. Looking for something unusual? Make a 3D Christmas tree out of pallets and place various decorations and other things on each part. If you need a small and cute tree, make one of the boards and then hang ornaments on it.


There are hundreds of ways to decorate your pallet tree. First of all, you can paint it or give it a rustic or shabby chic look. Then you can hang some ornaments, lights and garlands or write some words on the parts of the tree using them as signs. There is a nice idea of ​​an advent pallet tree and the way you make each piece is up to you. You can even leave these trees without any decor, they still look cute!

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