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ideas to use ikea jars

ideas to use ikea jars

Ikea always delights us with various intelligent designs that are practical and super functional. In addition, they produce a lot of cool things that can be used for a lot of things and even for crafting. Today I want to share some ideas for using IKEA glasses in your home. These are life hacks that will really get you going to IKEA and buying some glasses!

Use in the kitchen and in the pantry

The main purpose of such jars is to use them in the kitchen and pantry. They are perfect for storing dry food: flour, crackers, nuts, french fries, candy and so on. Label the glasses and keep your kitchen or pantry organized. You can also use them to store spices and create an entire spice rack with labels or a blackboard wall to write their names on. If the kitchen is small, chop the jars and let them hang: make holders for lids and fix them. Pickled vegetables can also be stored in IKEA jars and many other types of food!

Glasses as vases and planters

Any jar can easily become a convenient planter or pot for a small plant. Just take some soil and plant whatever you want, or add some water and place your flowers. With glasses you can even create an entire indoor or outdoor garden.

Bathroom storage

Attach your glasses to a rack or just put them there for convenient space for various bathroom accessories and other things. You can also put your glass on the edge of the bathtub and put soaps or sponges in there.

Home decor with IKEA glasses

Jars are perfect for decorations of various kinds: candle holders and lanterns, miniatures in a jar, snow globes and other things – everything that comes to mind is real! You can make these decorations with your kids and have great time together.

Whether you're organizing a regular fall party or a Thanksgiving party, a bar cart is a must. We shared some cool ideas on how to style a bar cart for a party like this, but of course you will need the right barware. I've prepared some cool DIYs to make it happen, let's take a look!

Take a regular carafe and take it to a new level with brightly colored Fimo sheets - what can be more plunging? Shape any leaves you like and attach the leaves to the bottle to make it fall-like. Read the entire tutorial and come up with a colorful DIY fall leaf decanter idea that is perfect for your fall bar cart and is great for serving your Thanksgiving cocktails.

These brightly colored pumpkin decanters are so easy to make and the perfect addition to a fall or Halloween bar cart. Who doesn't want to mix their drink with these cuties? These lovely and cute decanters are topped with brightly colored pumpkins made from wooden balls and artificial pumpkin stems. The crafting is pretty easy and quick, a great last minute idea to rock out.

What kind of cocktail without a stirrer? If you have a turkey and cake, move these to your bar cart as well, but in a smaller version. Drink stirrers for your Thanksgiving bar setup! They would also be super cute glued to a napkin ring. So why not just put a whole bunch of cakes, turkeys and corn on the cob together and stick them on top of everything? The drink stirrers are made of colored polymer clay, read the tutorial and let yourself be inspired. You're sure to wow even the simplest cocktail!

Fall leaves are great for fall decorations - simple, easy to get, and screaming! Make these fall leaf drinking stirrers with ready made fake leaves, here they are made of copper, but you can try anything you want, any bold color or metallic hue. The process is literally as simple as taping a sheet of paper on top of the beverage stirrer and wrapping the embroidery floss around the base of the stem and stirrer, then securing it with a tiny dab of hot glue.

This beautiful and chic bar set is decorated with gold vinyl - such a set will be beautiful all year round, especially in autumn and winter. The glasses are decorated with gold stars, and the carafe is decorated with a gold touch and letters. You can also use a custom word or phrase (or their initials or last names) on the decanter to personalize this set for someone you know. As Vintage Gold Barware requires, I would recommend hand washing this set. So keep this in mind when giving it as a gift.

This is such a fun and easy DIY and the designs you can create are endless. For these mugs, the author used two different types of Martha Stewart glass colors (matte and glossy) and overlapped them to achieve this pink and coral color block look. The colors are beautiful for fall: white and coral, a fresh and modern twist on traditional mugs, and the geometry makes them even more modern and stylish.

These concrete cups have fall colors: they mix a common concrete color and gold. You can add more fall colors to them with different colors or glitter. As you can see, the glasses look quite minimalist, but you can easily add a golden touch to the concrete.

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