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how to whitewash wood

how to whitewash wood

If you want to add a cool shabby chic touch to your room or just want something light and airy for the decor, whitewashing is for you. We’ve already shared some ideas for whitewashing planters, pots, brick walls, and chimneys. Today we’re going to look at how to give your wood surfaces a chic, worn look.

Remove the furniture from the area so you have enough space to work. Place paper towels or plastic sheeting on the floor for protection. Use painter’s tape to tape the siding, ceiling edges, molding, and any other surface where you are whitewashed. Whether it is floors, walls, ceilings or just a door, the technology is basically the same. First mix the color. How many parts of water and white latex paint you use depends on how whitewashed you want your wood to be. Sand your wood surfaces well and start painting them. Before you start painting the entire wall, it’s a good idea to test a small area. Play around with the brush pressure and wiping technique until you get the look you want. Apply as many layers as you want if one is not enough. Use a rag / old tea towel to remove the excess paint and rub the white stain into the grain of the wood until you get an even finish. Let it dry and voila, you have whitewashed wood!

Read the tutorials below for more details, tips, and tricks to help you whitewash the wood in the best possible way.

Everyone needs privacy sometimes, including your pets. Build a cool and adorable home or animal shelter so your dog can stay outside and hide when there is too much sun. After building the house, do not forget to add comfortable pillows and pillows.

This crooked dog house from ana-white.com is a nice and simple idea. The shape is more traditional and consists of plywood sheets and wooden boards; The roof is sloped to prevent rain from spoiling the plywood.

This classic dog house can be easily built with wood siding and planks. This is a traditional shape, and you can paint or color it in whatever colors you like.

The geometric decor is very trendy, so you can build a geometric dog house out of birch veneer. Such a fun capsule will suit any modern indoor or outdoor space, and your pet will relax and sleep in style.

This isolated A-frame dog house is reminiscent of a common human. It is suitable for a small to medium-sized dog with a 9 square foot base. It's pretty easy to build, and shingles outside will protect it from moisture or excessive heat.

Always wanted a tree house? Maybe your dog wanted it too! You can build a real tree house for your pet in the garden by attaching a platform to the tree trunk and adding stairs.

This plywood dog house with a shingle roof is another classic outdoor option. It's pretty cozy, you can vary the size up to your dog's sizes and paint it however you like.

This oceanfront dog house is great for a coastal garden or patio, decorate it with seashells, paint some fish and other marine stuff on the walls.

This stylized dog house is a great addition to any modern interior. It can also be used inside and outside. If you don't like white, paint it a different color.

The final piece for today is a super-simple plywood dog house - just a standard item that can later be decorated and painted in a variety of ways. It's a cool idea for those who don't have a lot of building experience.

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