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how to use a ladder at home

how to use a ladder at home

A ladder is not just an ordinary piece to go up and down, such a concept can also be used for storage. You can make some warehouse ladder racks for different rooms, they can be vertical or more spacious. Another idea is to use a ladder for decorating: to bring light inside and show decor. Let’s look at a few examples for inspiration.


Keep whatever you want on a ladder. It’s an ideal piece for entrances, bathrooms, awkward corners, and other small and tight spaces. Put your shoes, books, frames, and other things on the ladder and hang some parts like keys, sunglasses, etc.

Displays and plant stands

Display different things on the ladder: your photos, decorations, souvenirs, candle lanterns and candle holders. Use a ladder is a plant stand and create an entire orangery in your home or balcony by placing multiple ladders with potted greenery and flowers.


Cover the ladder with lights and put it in a small corner to add light in an original and smart way without investing a lot of time or money. Another idea is to hang a ladder somewhere and put candle lights or lightbulbs on it to light up the room.

The shabby chic style was invented in 1980 by Rachel Ashwell who decided to renovate and restore some old pieces and then understood that they are very charming. Furniture and furnishings are either selected based on their age or new items have a vintage look. Now this style is becoming more and more popular in decor, and this is not surprising because it is very chic and cool, especially cool for female spaces. Today I'm going to share some charming shabby chic living rooms that will blow your mind at first sight.

Shabby chic living room colors and materials to use

Restoring a shabby chic look to your home doesn't have to be complicated and costly. The style goes much better with found pieces, vintage furniture, and antique-inspired accessories. Opt for pastel colors, white, buttermilk, beige, as well as dusty and light shades in the decor. Add vintage floral patterns to give your living room an eye-catching look. Feminine flowers, lace fabrics, and some ruffled burlap add a cool, shabby look to your living room. Decide on a furniture cover.

Shabby chic furniture for living room

Shabby chic furniture can be bought cheaply at flea markets without wasting a lot of money. Another idea is to find or buy simple furniture and then torment them as you see fit: give it a whitewashed and worn look or paint it with pastel colors. Furniture covers made of ruffles and lace are a characteristic feature of the shabby chic style. So, sew some or buy ready-made furniture to go with your decor.

Shabby chic style accessories

This style is all about accessories and decorations. You just can't use too many of them here. Go to the flea market or your grandmother's attic to find some cool old things: statuettes, pictures, angels, various signs and clocks. If they don't look shabby chic, change the look with whitewash, table pastels, and then sand them up. Shabby-chic picture frames, angel statuettes, heart-shaped cloth bags, whitewashed vintage clocks and the like will help you create the mood you want. Get inspired!

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