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how to stain wood

how to stain wood

If you are making something out of wood, such as a deck, cabinet, chair, or anything else, you are probably wondering which finish to use. There are many ideas: whitewash, blackboard paint, bright colors, but today I want to tell you how you can give your wood a natural look yourself. I want to color it.

Types of spots

First, decide whether you want to make a wood stain yourself or buy it. If you’re not happy with the paints they have for sale, or just want to save some money, do a wood stain yourself. You can try different components for different shades, such as: B. Instant coffee, tea, various types of vinegar, rusty nails, etc. Mix them according to the instructions in the tutorials and apply them to a piece of wood to find out what shade you are.

How to color wood

Once you are sure of your stain, you need to sand the furniture very well. This is important in order to apply the stain well. Apply the stain and wipe off the excess stain with a rag. Check the color for evenness. Usually, you can even out the color by going through it again and wiping again. However, don’t wait too long. Apply additional layers until you get the depth of shade you want. As you do this, keep in mind that your topcoat will slightly darken the appearance of the stain. Once dry, apply a top coat – any sealer you like and let it dry. The first layer acts like a filler. So prepare to apply at least one more layer. Sand lightly between coats with 180 fine-grain sandpaper. Sanding removes dust, air bubbles, or raised wood grain. Add a second layer and repeat the process until the top layer is what you want. Voila!

A wall-mounted TV is a great thing that lets you watch your favorite shows and movies on a widescreen. But how can you hang it so that it looks harmonious and does not interfere with the interior? Here are some ideas that you will find useful.

Panel or accent wall

Accentuate your TV with a cool panel, shelf or a real accent wall! Cover your wall with artificial stone or real stone, with barn wood, apply different colors or different wallpapers to make it stand out. Such an idea works perfectly if you have a fireplace and a TV on that wall. That way they look even clearer. You can also try different panels for your TV, e.g. B. a weathered wooden panel or a whitewashed wooden panel. Such panels may also have some shelves or other storage space for convenience of use.

Hidden options

If you are sure that a TV will spoil your interior or just like capricious options, then hide your TV. Cover it with artwork, your favorite photos, tapestry, or make a cool screen. You can also try weathered wooden boards, rolling or sliding. Make a mirrored wall cabinet or simply hide the TV in the wall for a perfect, sleek look. This way, your TV will be hidden when it is not needed and even the most refined interior will not be spoiled.

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