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how to rock floor mirrors

how to rock floor mirrors

A mirror is a piece that represents a win-win idea for many rooms: it is a functional piece that visually expands the room and gives it chic and glamor. Today I want to look at a very special decor: an oversized floor mirror.

Floor mirror in the bedrooms

A floor mirror is often placed in a bedroom because that is where you can get dressed, and this mirror is functional. Choose the frame of the mirror according to your interior: a shabby chic and whitewashed mirror will fit in a tropical, shabby or eclectic space. Frames made of natural wood or metal look timeless and go well with many interiors. Accentuate your mirror with a light garland to make it stand out even more.

Floor mirrors in entrances

An entrance is the first room your visitor sees inside. It should impress and welcome. Make a bold statement with a floor mirror in your entryway and it will also make the space look bigger, which is essential in an entryway that is usually small. You can try a carved wood frame or an exquisite vintage frame to make a bold statement. Add a glass console that won’t prevent you from seeing all the details for an airy feel.

Everyone loves snowmen, especially after we met Olaf from Frozen. Why not make something original for the coming Christmas? Most of these crafts are easy to make and you can have a good time with your kids while making them.

No snow outside? Those who don't have it at all can make this fun snowman for kids to have fun. These simple snowman pencil holders can be made from tin cans cheaply and very easily. Let your kids decorate them however they want.

This rustic snowman is a great project to try this winter, especially if you have scrap wood or leftover spindles to use up. It can be displayed both indoors and outdoors as a beautiful winter decor.

Snowmen are great for decoration, so fun and moody. What would you say to a melting snowman? Unexpected, right? This fun ornament is made of clay. Read the entire tutorial to find out how to make it.

Hot chocolate and marshmallows are great for fall and winter. Make a snowman jar filled with marshmallows as a Christmas gift - such a gift will be loved by everyone, both children and adults!

Vintage ornaments are beautiful and charming and help create the fairytale Christmas atmosphere. These vintage snowman head Christmas decorations are exactly what you need to add charm and chic to your Christmas decor.

Make stunning clay gift toppers for your family and friends! Shape them up as tiny snowmen, they can even be Olaf snowmen if your kids love this character. You will delight everyone with them!

Do you love upcycling? Use some socks to create fun, adorable Christmas decorations with this insanely easy DIY sock snowman tutorial. Invite your kids to join this simple Christmas activity.

Painted snowman oreo cookies are a quick and easy treat. Paint anything you'd like on the white chocolate covered oreos. Here the author painted snowmen with black, orange and dark blue candy colors, with small brushes.

The shape of the pomegranate juice container is reminiscent of a short, stocky snowman. So why not make one out of it? Paint it and add various accessories - a scarf, hat and others.

This snowman is made from a clear ornament and a mason jar with artificial snow inside. Paint a face and add accessories that you like. Place such snowmen in your nursery to amaze them!

Geometric décor and handicrafts have become very popular, so it is not surprising that this geometric snowman will hit everyone. Follow the directions very carefully so as not to spoil the piece and achieve this faceted look.

This crochet snowman card is a great way to personalize your friends and family this year! Crocheting such a small piece is easy so you won't have to waste a lot of time trying. decorate the card as you want.

Missing Olaf? Here's a craft to make, and it looks like this from the cartoon! Styrofoam balls and parts are a necessary material for this craft.

This is the cutest snowman ornament I've ever seen! It's made of clay and has a cute blue hat. Get inspired!

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