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How to make coffee filter dancers
diy pipe cleaners christmas crafts

How to make coffee filter dancers diy pipe cleaners christmas crafts

Make coffee filter dolls diy pipe cleaners christmas crafts

Pipe cleaners aren't just for kids! You can take these cute fuzzy sticks and turn them into various fun Christmas and winter decorations - not just for kids but also for adult parties. Today I want to share some of such crafts that you can make now if there are a few days left before Christmas. Let's take a look at what you can do.

Are you a Disney fan? Then these fun and cute Mickey Mouse ornaments made of green pipe cleaners, glittery red bows and strings are chic and add fun to any Christmas tree. You can also hang them separately on doors, wreaths and in the kitchen. Enjoy making them and add a touch of Disney magic to your space.

Take some white pipe cleaners and make a non-traditional and cool Christmas tree. The craft is pretty easy and cute, and you can decorate it with bold pompoms as ornaments. Such a table Christmas tree is a beautiful decoration for any room, including children.

This is definitely a cool kid's craft for Christmas! These ornaments are made of popsicles, glitter stars and are decorated with shiny pipe cleaners. The tutorial is very simple and your children can easily make such ornaments themselves without your help. Just let them feel creative!

Serve your children drinks in bottles with bottle lids made from reindeer pipe cleaner. It's a fun and carbonated pop for any bottle, add googly eyes and a red pompom nose. Such a cool and creative idea to make the drinks cooler and let your kids enjoy them even more!

This simple script garland is easy to make with shiny pipe cleaners and floral wire. Write what you would like to make the garland perfect for your space and decorate your mantelpiece, door, railing, or any other room you want.

What a Christmas without snowflakes? Make a shiny silver snowflake garland out of pipe cleaners to decorate your room for the holidays and winter too. After the holidays, it's still up to date and you can use it anywhere - from the window to the stairs.

The geometric decor is very trendy and chic and it is high time to add a geometric touch to your space. Make these shiny metallic geometric ornaments from pipe cleaners and use them to decorate your room for a stunning look.

Add a touch of glamor to your room by making this little cute tree out of silver pipe cleaners and decorating it with bold pink and shiny metallic ornaments. Top the piece with a cool and colorful treetop and enjoy the piece you have.

Here's another cool garland - make some candy canes out of pipe cleaners and then create a chic garland for Christmas, it's so Christmassy inspired! You can also use these little cuties as tree decorations if you want a suitable festive look.

Make a whole arrangement of pipe cleaner Christmas trees of different colors - let the trees wrap the pipe cleaners around the base. Decorate the small trees with beads and sequins to make them even more shiny and glamorous.

Do you have some clear glass ornaments? I know a great way to fill them up! Take some shiny pipe cleaners and fill your ornaments in different ways you like - as randomly as you like. Make several such ornaments to make the look cooler.

Have children? Invite them to make cool reindeer from cork and pipe cleaners! The craft itself is very simple and you can turn these reindeer into ornaments with a little string. Read the tutorial and help your kids create these.

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