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How to Make a Tiered Donut Wedding Cake Stand | In My Own Style diy donut decor items

How to Make a Tiered Donut Wedding Cake Stand | In My Own Style diy donut decor items

diy donut decor items

Donuts are everyone's love, I can't imagine my morning without them! If you have a sweet tooth like me or are planning a party, a donut decor is a good idea. I have prepared a whole round-up devoted entirely to the fantastic and delicious donut decor. Let's look at all of them!

Coasters and placemats

Grab a few simple IKEA placemat circles and turn them into colorful donut placemats! Paint them bold colors with donuts and I promise both kids and adults will love to use them! Display all of your favorite colorful donuts and invite your children to join in the handicrafts. Let them show off their favorite desserts too.

Simple coasters made of wood or cork can be transformed into cool and colorful coasters! In this tutorial, we will teach you how to paint and draw chocolate donuts with vanilla strudel, chocolate with sprinkles, and pink frosting with sprinkles. But you may want more, show your favorites!

These coasters are for those who love to sew - they include them as they are made of cork and felt. Colorful embroidered felt is attached to simple cork coasters so that the felt appears to be the glazing on the donuts. This is a very creative idea, I love it!

Another idea for a donut coaster is to make them out of wooden slices. Take wooden disks and some paints and display your favorite sweets on them - done! Don't forget about a sealer to keep the donuts in order. This is a cute and rustic craft, and a set of such donut coasters can make a lovely gift.

Here are some more cork coasters, here are donuts painted on the cork. Take bold colors and paint some donuts on cork rounds - this is easy, especially if you enjoy painting. The cork round can have holes in the middle or you can just keep it round. Don't forget that the colors should be bolder as cork is not white and you need intense colors to show what you like.

Garlands and wreaths

Grab a foam wreath shape and some brightly colored felt and make the cutest wreath ever - a big donut! The project involves some sewing and the result is amazing, it is absolutely suitable for any party - both kids and adults, especially over a dessert table.

This cute donut garland is made of paper and colored felt, the donuts are embroidered with colored thread. Make it colorful and fun and decorate your room wherever you want or use it for party decorations. The tutorial is pretty simple and you will love the result.

This fun garland is made of colored paper and markers - you can show off all your favorite desserts! Be creative and make them using yarn, markers, glue, beads and other things, or even make them out of felt and embroidery. Enjoy making this colorful and bold piece and use it for party decorations.

Here is another paper donut garland made of colored paper and markers - very easy, very quick and double-sided! It's a great choice for any kids party, Valentine's Day, and many other occasions. Have fun doing handicrafts and have fun decorating.

This paper donut garland is another twist on a common one, but it's something special: it's made of colored chips. Buy them in the matching donut frosting colors. Here you can see pink and red donuts with the right icing and color chips. Such a cool and original idea!

Other things

Marquee lights are extremely popular, and making a donut marquee light is a great idea for a cool and glamorous touch! This is a colorful and cute donut marquee for a girlish space, and it will be lovely for a kid's room too. Read how to do it and watch a video if necessary.

Pin boards are a must have for any home office or kid's study area, and you can add a fun touch to the cork board that shapes them into a donut. Add brightly colored pompoms to mimic sprinkles and make several for an entire brightly colored donut bulletin board. So fun and so tasty looking!

Turn a simple IKEA rug into a colorful donut! A simple rug and bold colors and spray paints are just the thing to create this cute and fun piece. Greet your guests with such a fun and tasty looking piece.

Who needs an ordinary pillow when you can have a bold and colorful donut? Grab some brightly colored felt and fleece and make fun pillows for both kids and adult rooms. Read the tutorial to find out how to sew such pillows. They are cute and look delicious.

A simple round mouse pad can turn into a cute and bold accessory! Take a brightly colored vinyl and make a donut mouse pad - it will go well with a kid or anyone who loves donuts. So cute and so fun, and the craft won't take much time.

Here's another doormat with a donut! It's shaped as usual, but with a donut instead of an O. Take a simple rug and turn it into a cute one that writes HOME and swaps O for a donut. Add a cute note to your entry and enjoy the effect created.

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