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How to make a DIY tribal wooden doormat diy wooden doormats

How to make a DIY tribal wooden doormat diy wooden doormats

diy wooden doormats

A doormat is a must have for any home: it's not just a place to wipe your feet. It should offer a functional and stylish entry into your home and offer every visitor a pleasant welcome. Instead of throwing a cheap rectangle that needs to be torn apart, consider building a nice, high quality mat. Today we're sharing cool wooden floor mats. Why wood? It's a cool natural material that adds a chic touch and can be styled in a number of different ways. Here are some DIY wooden floor mats that you can easily make.

This doormat is a great piece for a boho chic porch: it has a cool tribal look to it. The doormat is made from a wooden board, has a cool tribal pattern and is covered with twine around the edges. How do i make it? Read the tutorial and take some time to create this gorgeous boho item - boho chic is at the top now!

A cool decorative feature made from cedar deckboards, this wooden doormat is shaped like the sun. The boards are attached to each other with a jute rope. You can vary the shape and appearance, or expose them to the sun. Color the final doormat however you want - dark or light, or a saturated shade that goes with your porch.

This colorful wooden doormat consists of square balusters and is secured with a sisal rope. The piece is finished with stripes: it's painted half blue and half stained. You can actually paint and stain any colors and shades you want to match your porch. What a nice rustic idea!

Geometric decor is very popular right now and if you like it why not add a bit of border to your porch too? This wooden doormat is made of cedar boards in a frame, the boards are arranged with a geometric pattern. The piece can be painted or stained as you wish. Here it is left unfinished for a more modern look.

The entrance to your home is the first impression that impresses visitors. Why not make him a friendly one with a happy greeting? When friends and family stop by for a summer barbecue this season, greet them at the door with a custom-made doormat. A little wood, stain, and paint go a long way in this DIY!

Make your entrance area accessible and functional with a wooden doormat that gives you points for the attractiveness of the curb. In this tutorial, you will learn how to make a sturdy welcome mat with cedar boards. Natural cedar looks great with stone or brick walkways and is super durable so it will last for years.

Add a touch of color to your porch with a bright doormat! This piece is made from wooden boards, is secured with braided nylon, and there are wooden beads that hide the cord and give the doormat a more stylish look. They also make the doormat more durable. Paint the doormat different colors to rock what you want or to create an ombre effect.

This DIY doormat is a chic piece of wood made from sisal rope. You can use any type of saw to cut the blocks to length, and a drill press will come in handy for drilling even, straight holes for the rope to weave through. This project can be completed in an afternoon and once the target is dry, you're ready to go. Be ready to build more because once the news spreads that you made this mat yourself, you will be inundated with inquiries.

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