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how to arrange small living room

how to arrange small living room

Nowadays we often have a lack of space in our houses, we can get small bedrooms, children’s rooms, mud flaps, bathrooms and entrance areas, but we can also have a small living room. However, a living room is a cozy place where we spend our nights, invite family and friends and which is important in every home. How can you decorate it so that it can hold everything you need without looking too small?

Use neutral wire

Neutral and only light colors visually expand the room. Soft colors also illuminate a room by reflecting light. A neutral palette not only enlarges an area, it also conveys instant sophistication and creates a calming environment. Opt for neutral walls, floors, ceilings and of course furniture upholstery.

Choose space-saving or small furniture

Try small furniture or a size suitable for your living room because if you put a large corner sofa it will take up all of the space. If you place a love seat instead, you will get a perfect look. Space-saving solutions with additional storage space or those that can be hidden in the walls or are welcome in a small space, including small living rooms. Of course, the lighter your furniture looks, the better it is an important point.

Place mirrors and lights

Mirrors make your space appear bigger and also reflect lights to better illuminate it. That creates a nice, cozy ambience, and we all know that the more lit it is, the bigger the room looks.

What are subway tiles? A style of white glazed ceramic tiles used on the walls of New York subway stations in the early 20th century. Nowadays, these timeless tiles can also vary in color and size and are used throughout the home wherever you need them. I want to share some ideas on how you can use them in your kitchen to create a backsplash or even cover the entire wall. Let's start

As I said above, subway tile is just one common type of tile these days, a rectangular one with usually a glossy surface. It can be any color and size so you can easily find what to match the style of your kitchen. White subway tiles are classics, but if they're not your thing, check out colored versions like blue, gray, emerald, pink, and others such as marble. The size is also optional: smaller or larger subway tiles will look no worse than the original 3 "× 6". It is also up to you to highlight the tiles with contrasting mortar or to use suitable grout: contrasting mortars highlight the backsplash and give the kitchen a pattern.

Subway tiles are pretty universal to combine with different materials that you can use: wood, marble, concrete, and others. They easily add color to your monochromatic space or keep the color scheme if you use a matching shade. You are likely envisioning subway tiles laid in the usual horizontal brick pattern. But did you know you can lay subway tile vertically - or even in a herringbone or geometric L-shaped pattern? There are so many possibilities! Give your kitchen a timelessly elegant look with a chic subway tile backsplash and enjoy!

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