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how to antique a mirror

how to antique a mirror

Mirrors are a great idea for any room: they fill rooms with light that they reflect and make the room look bigger. Mirrors fit any space, from modern to vintage, and from bathrooms to bedrooms, and there’s only one better thing than mirrors – antique mirrors! Antique mirrors instantly add a gorgeous, sophisticated touch to any room, and while they’re not that shiny, they look really gorgeous! Even if you don’t have an antique one on hand, you can easily make it out of an ordinary or even ordinary glass – yes, you can! Let’s see how it works.

Beautify your mirror cabinets and make them look more antique! These common mirrors are made with Krylon’s mirror glass spray paint, which contains half a mixture of white vinegar and water. Read the entire tutorial to find out how to apply these two and make your mirror antique.

In this tutorial, we will teach you how to turn cheap plastic mirrors into nifty antique mirrors that are worth decorating any room and making it exquisite. Muriatic acid and gold spray paint will help you renovate common plastic mirrors and make them wow. Read how to make them!

A backsplash in the kitchen is a must and can be made from a variety of materials. It is a creative and very chic idea to turn it into an antique mirror. This tutorial shows you how to do it. You need a few mirror removal solutions, paste a pattern on the mirror, read what to buy, and so make a gorgeous backsplash!

An ordinary glass can be turned into a nifty antique mirror with glass cleaner and glass spray paint. You can do this with common table mirrors, wall mirrors, and even glass doors. Such mirrors look rather subdued and not too shiny, but really old and stylish. Give your room a bit of vintage chic!

Make this lovely vintage mirror with hydrochloric acid and paint remover. The piece can be used as wall art as it contains an antique map, especially when you add a stunning vintage frame to it. Read how to do it and enjoy!

Here’s how to make an antique art mirror out of regular glass without chemicals. Glossy spray paint and vinegar will help you create a gorgeous antique mirror in a frame that can be a lovely, sophisticated touch in any room from the living room to the bathroom.

Add a chic vintage touch to your space with this antique mirror made up of an ordinary mirror and using some stripping solutions. The craft is not difficult and does not take much time. So feel free to make the mirror and use it to refine your room!

Add vintage character to a modern mirror by loading it with products from the hardware store. Muriatic acid and paint strippers are used to make this mirror. Then just add a vintage frame and hang this mirror somewhere in the bedroom for a chic feel.

Transform the cabinet doors with clear glass panes with mirror spray paint and a little watered down vinegar into gorgeous doors with an antique mirror! Read on to find out how to apply these things to the glass to make them extra special and to add a chic touch to the dining area or kitchen.

Moroccan-inspired accents are a popular idea for spicing up any interior, from boho to modern. They add a bit of exoticism. One of the coolest ways to add that flavor is to use Moroccan tiles all over your house - they're usually brightly colored and patterned so they're sure to add a bold touch. Here are some ideas to inspire you.


Create a gorgeous kitchen backsplash with Moroccan-inspired tiles. You can also cover the entire countertop for more attention. These can be patterned tiles or tiles in the really Moroccan shapes and some bold colors - it's up to your desire. Another interesting idea is to cover the kitchen island with such tiles and add a wooden top that looks very unusual!


Finishing bathrooms with Moroccan tiles is a great idea: cover the floor with it or choose a wall and make it an accent. The tiles should match the colors of the bathroom and don't worry - they will go with almost any style. Beautify a neutral or monochrome room, or add a splash of color to a bright bathroom with bold Moroccan tiles.

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