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home office wall storage

home office wall storage

Many of us today work from home, and even if you are not one of them, you still have some things to do at home and at least have a corner of the home office. The smaller your home office, the more efficient the organization and storage should be. There might not be enough floor space to house everything, or you might want to save it. Therefore, storage on the wall is the best option anyway.

Plug-in boards, notice boards and magnetic boards

All of these boards are for storing documents, pictures, photos, stickers, and any other type of paper you may need. They are very comfortable as you will not do anything with such a board. Attaching papers can be different: magnets, tape, pens, and even glue. Pegboards are the best because the structure also allows you to add a variety of shelves, planters, holders, and hangers for everything.

Open shelves

This is another very popular idea for any tight space. Buy or make them and clip them over your desk for easy access to your belongings or anywhere near the desk. Here you can save and view everything from files and documents to planters and souvenirs. When you mount them above your desk, add some lights to make working more comfortable.

Wire mesh and baskets

Wire is a perfect thing for those looking to add industrial charm to their home office. They are very durable and look cool no matter what color you use. They can be attached to a few boards or used independently, and the price in each store is very budget friendly.

Modular storage units with tabletops

There are some special wall shelves that also include a tabletop. The entire construction is attached to the wall. It is a very ergonomic unit that can be hung in the smallest corner and you get a complete home office!

Get more creative ideas below!

Tired of all the colorful and tasteless Halloween decor? Can't see purple and green witch boots and hats anymore? No problem, I have prepared a number of chic and stylish Halloween ideas that are not scary but elegant and chic and very adult.

Coat decor

Rock black and white for chic and modern decor: you can opt for banners of various types, lanterns, googly eyes, artificial birds and pumpkins, which can also be shot in natural colors. Use matte black bottles as candle holders for black and gold candles.

Table landscapes and dessert tables

The table landscape can be made moody, it is very trendy now: Rock Black, Graphite Gray, Purple and Navy. Add whimsy flowers and greens, copper or gold cutlery, black and gold pumpkins, and black candles. Opt for a black and white dessert table that is decorated with googly eyes, banners, glitter pumpkins and fresh green for a modern feel.


Pumpkins are an essential part of any Halloween, but that doesn't mean you should go for fake blood, boring carving, and other hacky things. Make constellation carvings, decorate them with spikes, pearls, pearls, fresh flowers and some simple words like "boo", "creepy" and other things like this. Don't make them look scary, but rather flashy and chic.

Other ideas

Marquee lights, Halloween trees with ornaments, oversized modern style wall art and many other decorations will spice up your modern Halloween party.

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