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home office under the stairs ideas

home office under the stairs ideas

Many of us today have a problem with a lack of space – no room for this or that corner that you actually need, but don’t worry, there are tons of ideas out there to solve the problem! Multifunctional corners and furniture, hidden storage spaces and even beds, and that’s not all! In such a case, it is important to use every inch of your home. We strongly recommend taking a look at the space under the stairs. Do you use it? What is its function? Even if it is quite small, you can organize a functional corner there and today we will tell you how to create a home office.


Under the stairs the rooms are often quite dark and just one table lamp is not enough to illuminate the whole corner. When you read and work there, your eyesight is often compromised. That’s why the first thing to think about is light: choose different layers of wall lights, sconces, pendant lights and table lamps, even built-ins – the more the better! If possible, make a staircase without risers or just remove it from the existing part – this guarantees that your home office corner will get a lot more light through the windows or just the rooms around it. If you can, make a separate window in that corner of the home office that floods it with natural light and lets you enjoy the view. It will inspire you too, so this is a brilliant solution!


Storage is another concern we should think about in any room, and here the solution is simple: choose functional and cool furniture! First, find a desk with drawers or open storage space that meets all of your needs. Second, put some cabinets next to the desk or mount some on the wall if you have enough space. Prefer open shelves as they look light. If you choose cabinets, they can form a ladder by themselves. Find more ideas for inspiration below!

Summer is the travel time. If you want to fly anywhere, you need to pack and tag your bags. How do I mark them? Opt for cool luggage tags that will help you find your luggage instantly. Such small pieces are sure to personalize your luggage and can be changed as often as you like. Plus, luggage tags don't take long to make. Here are some DIYs to make for your trip!

Leather pendant

If you are in the mood for bright colors and glamor, this luggage tag is all you need. These leather pendants are painted in bold shades and have some glitter and polka dots and a scallop edge. Paint them any way you want and add glitter after the tutorial to add a pop of color to your suitcases. Enjoy!

Love deserts and boho style? Add a cool leather cactus luggage tag to your suitcase! It can be any cactus shape you like, with different decor, different colors and you can make as many as you like. I would add tassels or pearls to the tags to make the look cooler and more boho.

These leather pendants are quieter than the ones you've just seen: they're whitewashed and stamped for a cool look. They are hung on simple ribbons, although you can opt for something else. This is a cool craft for those who love modern and minimalist looks. Get inspired!

These colorful luggage tags can also be used as key rings. Featuring a watercolor trend and tassels, these luggage tags are very easy to make. Take the usual leather rounds and tinker them with tassels and key chains. Have fun!

This chic leather luggage tag is double and contains your business card. I love the soft color of the leather - aqua. Learn how to make this chic two piece luggage tag and how to insert your business card into it to secure luggage. Read the tutorial on how to do this.

Here's another colorful and fun piece to add to your luggage: it's a color-dipped leather luggage tag with a brightly colored pompom. All you need is to take leather rounds, stamp them and dip the labels in whatever colors you like. Then add colorful pompoms and voila - your luggage tags are ready and ready to add color to your suitcases.

These comfortable leather luggage tags are great for rocking anywhere or for marking your backpack. The tags are made of leather and plastic and your business card or just some information on paper can be inserted into the tag. Get inspired!

Make some cute round leather tags and sew the edges to make them more special. I love the cool windows in the luggage tags, they make them look unusual and cute, they look really handcrafted. Go for leather colors and choose contrasting threads for a bolder touch.

When it comes to details that you like for me, you will love this luggage tag! This is a brightly colored leather label with a business card and floral lining that goes perfectly with the color of the label. Choose bold colors, try different shades and find the perfect flower liner for the label. Don't forget to insert your card. Read the tutorial to make the piece and freshen up your luggage a little.

If you have the usual colorful leather tags, it's high time you upgraded them. Make the tags bolder with calligraphy and patterns, such a craft will not take a lot of time, and the result will be bold and cool. Buy some ready made leather tags and choose a bold look of your choice.

Fabric tags

Would you like a bold and colorful label to highlight your luggage? Make these super colorful and fun tags out of bold felt and decorate them as you wish. Here the author dresss them up with stitching and large gems, as well as pearls and tassels if you wish. Go for a brave look and you will find your suitcase instantly.

These labels can be made not only from scraps of fabric, but also from paper. Take brightly colored fabric or paper and wrap it in clear PVC vinyl. The more colorful the fabric, the more your luggage will attract attention. Find out how to create the tags, add colorful ribbons and enjoy!

These tags are very moody and cool, they are made of naugahyd and vinyl which makes them strong. The bright glitter would make your suitcase stand out on any luggage belt. Felt inspired? Do something!

Make some brightly colored and simple luggage tags out of scraps of fabric and some iron-on vinyl for convenient use and a cool look. Make as many as you need and mark your suitcases. Don't forget the right business cards so that your luggage can be better recognized. Get inspired!

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