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mix and match bathroom tiles

Home decor mix and match bathroom tiles

Cool 37 Gorgeous Bathroom Remodel Ideas. mix and match bathroom tiles

Using just one type of tile in your bathroom is strange, if not to say impossible, and a mixed look is going to be a lot bolder and trendy. Sometimes we combine not just two types of tiles, but three or more to highlight this or that zone. But how can you combine your tiles in style to create a cohesive look and make your bathroom chic and inviting?

When we start restoring a bathroom, we usually have a tile on our mind. So take them as your must have and look for a match for them. Don't rock more than three different tiles for a stylish look - too many different tiles won't make the room feel elegant or timeless unless you want to be super quirky and colorful.

Same color, different tiles

If you want to achieve a timeless bathroom design this is the look for you. Floors and walls should be covered in the same color tile, but different sizes and possibly different shapes are used on the walls to avoid a dull look and add interest to the room. Such a design never goes out of style and it always works no matter what style of bathroom you're designing.

A bold floor, simple walls

If you've chosen bold floor tiles and want something different for the walls, keep them neutral or plain. If you want to give your space a modern and fresh look, this is a great way to go. Most modern designers prefer to emphasize the floor rather than the walls. This way, the bathroom looks relaxing yet still has an accent.

Bold walls, a simple floor

This is a recurring idea when wall tiles are the showcase in this bathroom style, and floor tiles are kept neutral and monochrome. You can also paint the walls or wallpaper and only emphasize the bathtub, shower or sink with bold tiles. This is a trendy idea for a bathroom decor right now.

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