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home bar diys

home bar diys

Many homeowners have a house bar – to enjoy a drink or two and offer them to guests as well. If you have a home bar and want to spice it up a bit, I have some creative ideas that you might like. Here, you’ll see colorful jugs and etched barware, neon signs and painted artwork, decorative tassel bottle markers, and stamped liquor tags – everything you need for a bar and anything you like. Interested? Let’s look at all of them!

Bar goods

Summer is coming and it is high time to add some color to your bar or bar cart. Grab your usual barware (or buy something new) and get some bright spray paints. In this tutorial, we’ll show you how to make super colorful gradient barware – everything is spray painted here! Add matching art and your bar is designed for summer or brighten your mood with bold colors.

I love this stylish barware set because gold is timeless! The whole set is decorated with permanent gold vinyl: the bottle has a stripe and the glasses are decorated with a few stars here and there. Add golden straws for cocktails and voila – your bar got a stylish and sophisticated look.

Personalize the glasses to make your bar more chic. All you need is some glasses, glass etch cream, and vinyl stencils. You can also give them away if you want. In addition to choosing names, choose nicknames or any other ideas you like, such as: B. the names of your loved ones. Enjoy!

A mug can also be part of your bar, especially if you love refreshing drinks and juices. You can make a colorful and fun mug using brightly colored acrylic paints. Splash the colors on the mug in a messy manner and make a bold item for the bar. Spice up the bar and enjoy!

Here’s another craft for etching: The carafes are made from etched strips. To restore even streaks, use duct tape. The crafts are very easy and cool, and your simple glass carafes will be much more stylish and chic with this decor. You can also give the glasses the same look to make them more suitable.

This pressed flower set looks very chic and sophisticated, I absolutely love glasses and the carafe! The whole idea is about a clear glass set, pressed real flowers and a decoupage set. Decoupage the flowers on the floor and make them more special and cooler. Make each jar special by attaching different flowers and herbs to the bottom. Wow so cool!

Tropical parties are very popular and if you are planning one you definitely need this amazing carafe! This piece is made of clay that you will use to make large palm leaves to attach to the carafe. I absolutely love the article, it will spice up any tropical party, get inspired and make one for your party!

How do you turn a normal or vintage bottle into a chic and sophisticated carafe? In this tutorial, we will tell you how to do that and how to make decorative corks too – they are adorned with amazing flowers. The resulting pieces are chic and stylish, these are vintage decanters with flower corks. Enjoy!

These brightly colored pumpkin decanters are great for fall bars, but they’re so colorful I would use them in the summer for a rustic feel too. To give your decanters a pumpkin look, choose wooden balls in bold and bright colors and attach artificial pumpkin stems to them. Let them dry and put in decanters, voila! If you need more information, read the tutorial to find out how these elements are made.

Tags and markers

Marking each bottle to remind yourself of what’s inside is sometimes a necessary bar idea. Get brightly colored card stock and use them to make tassels to make each bottle. The whole craft is extremely easy and doesn’t take much time, although it’s very cool and fun. Add a colorful touch to your bar to remind yourself of what’s there!

These tags are stylish and chic so they will take some time to complete, but are well worth it! They’re made of thick leather and chains, and you can add the drinks names to the labels. Make as many as you need to match the bar with its look. Very nifty!

Here’s another idea for making beverage labels: these are stylish metal labels. You need metal stamp blanks in the desired size and shape and a gold chain. Keep in mind that such a craft requires some work because stamping metal is not very easy, but the resulting parts are really beautiful. Enjoy!


Make a fun neon sign to add courage to your bar! In this tutorial, we will teach you how to make a cool CHEERS neon sign in a bowl (to make it sturdy) and fill the bowl with nuts or pebbles – it’s up to you. In fact, you can go for any words you like, get inspired!

Here’s another simple bar decor idea: a work of art with a juicy bottle. The craft is a nice idea for those who enjoy painting and drawing because this is what the tutorial is about. Add all the personal details you like to the work of art and use it to beautify your bar! If you don’t feel like painting, print something like this out and frame it, and voila!

Why am I posting world maps now? Since everyone is back to school and wants to inspire your kids to learn geography, dreams and travel, you can add a world map somewhere in their room. Let your child or yourself feel part of the whole world, hang a world map piece of art somewhere! Here are some do-it-yourselfers to make a project like this a quick one.

If your interior is rustic, you can make this cool world map for your home or kindergarten. This is a world map made from pallet boards. Choose different ones or use surfaces to give them different hues and I love the weathered and aged look of the boards. The world map is painted in color - you'll need a stencil to make it. Let yourself be inspired and create!

Create this easy DIY world map wall art that is perfect for a modern and elegant look. It looks glamorous and chic and everyone who visits will stop by and enjoy it. The idea is to take a white board or a piece of cardboard and put a cork world map on it but first of all it gilds the world parts for a shiny and cool glamorous look. You can opt for different metallic tones or prefer a strong color - let yourself be inspired!

Beautify your room with a beautiful world map! This project is very simple and does not take much time. All you have to do is find the finished pieces of the cork world map. Then simply attach the card to your mural beforehand or leave the cork unchanged. When you've been somewhere, take brightly colored pushpins and put your goals on the cork or mark the places you want to go. Keep on dreaming!

If you love wood but want a more modern look, this tutorial is for you. This is a wooden world map, the wood is light-colored and the map is stenciled with dark spots. Print out a card template. Trace the world map with carbon paper between the printed map and the wood. The stain that you will use later will cover the traced lines. Read more details on the tutorial and download the tutorial from the source.

The easiest way to create world map artwork is to print it out! This tutorial includes a template that you can download and print out in any color. Then just frame the map and color it lightly - write down what you like or mark the countries you've been to. Let your kids mark the places they want to go in the future. Get inspired!

Here is a shabby chic style world map ideal for a farmhouse or a vintage interior. The piece is stenciled on a sheet of wood, although you can use canvas for this. The piece is framed and its worn look makes it sophisticated and chic. Read about how to give your world map such a look in the source and get inspiration to create your own.

Got a sheet of plywood? Turn it into a cool world map! In this tutorial you will learn how to stencil a world map on a sheet of plywood with white paint and frame it if necessary. Read the list of supplies and techniques to create this cool world map for your home decor.

Here's another simple print project - this is a black and white world map with calligraphy and letters. The tutorial includes a printable version for download and some instructions on how to frame it and hang it on the wall. Read the project, make it a reality, and add colorful pins to the places you've been.

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