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Hiking the good …

 white halloween decor ideas

Hiking the good … white halloween decor ideas

With an IKEA lamp! white halloween decor ideas

White is timeless and elegant, it is an amazing color but very unusual for a holiday like Halloween. If you want to stand out and really make your party unique, this is one of the best ideas to rock! Let's see some chic ideas.


A pumpkin is the most popular piece for Fall, Halloween, and Thanksgiving decor, and there is no Halloween party without pumpkins. The pumpkin can be painted white and then carved into a creepy face, or you can just add rhinestones, pearls and sequins to make it stand out. Crochet or knit some white pumpkins for a cozy decor, or just take some white pumpkins and write something creepy on them with a pen.

Different decor

Who said white decor couldn't be scary? Make a beautiful, scary display: a bell, rubber snake, wire, and some white paint are all it takes to make someone scream! Do you have a skull Make it glamorous with rhinestones, sequins, and beads, and you can add a fabric garland of googly eyes to your space. White doilies can be turned into ghosts and hung anywhere you want. Don't forget about various white goodies and desserts to round off the decor.

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