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hello kitty kids room ideas

hello kitty kids room ideas

Hello Kitty is a fictional character, an anthropomorphic white character inspired by a Japanese bobtail cat with a red bow. Even if you don’t know who it is, your children, especially daughters, may know and like it. Kitty can be found on a wide variety of products ranging from school supplies to fashion accessories to premium consumer goods. Of course, many little girls love such accessories, and some of them even want Hello Kitty room decorations. Because of this, we decided to share some ideas for those with young daughters.


Hello Kitty nursery is one of the cutest ideas I’ve ever seen for a little girl! Kitty’s main color is pink so you can rock her in different shades or decorate the kid’s room in neutrals and just add Hello Kitty prints, decals and textiles – especially bed linen. You can also try some delicate but non-traditional colors like lavender or light green, gray with blush, and soon – prints keep the kid’s room in its theme.


Decorate your daughter’s room in soft shades of pink and add in Hello Kitty decals and textiles – sometimes it is enough to bring the whole theme up. You can also use all of their Hello Kitty toys to create an ambience. Such a decor will not break the budget and will look cute and girlish. The Hello Kitty brand offers many accessories, including home decor. So you can easily find them and choose what you and your daughter like. The colors are up to you too. If you don’t want pink then the neutral colors are fine and the Hello Kitty prints will do the rest. Get inspired!

Moroccan-inspired accents are a popular idea for spicing up any interior, from boho to modern. They add a bit of exoticism. One of the coolest ways to add that flavor is to use Moroccan tiles all over your house - they're usually brightly colored and patterned so they're sure to add a bold touch. Here are some ideas to inspire you.


Create a gorgeous kitchen backsplash with Moroccan-inspired tiles. You can also cover the entire countertop for more attention. These can be patterned tiles or tiles in the really Moroccan shapes and some bold colors - it's up to your desire. Another interesting idea is to cover the kitchen island with such tiles and add a wooden top that looks very unusual!


Finishing bathrooms with Moroccan tiles is a great idea: cover the floor with it or choose a wall and make it an accent. The tiles should match the colors of the bathroom and don't worry - they will go with almost any style. Beautify a neutral or monochrome room, or add a splash of color to a bright bathroom with bold Moroccan tiles.

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