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hammocks for interior decor

hammocks for interior decor

We’re enjoying vacation now and a hammock is perhaps the dreamiest piece to relax in. But we’ve all got used to hanging them outside rather than inside, and it’s a bit cold outside. Anyway, you can always hang a hammock indoors! I want to share a few ideas to easily and stylishly incorporate a hammock into your decor.

Hammock beds

Hammocks are great for both kids and adults, so you can hang one in any room you want. Try to keep the hammock in the style of your room: if it’s modern, choose a plain white fabric. If it’s boho, try something colorful and patterned. A macrame hammock in white or any other neutral shade easily goes with almost any decor. In winter, you can add comfortable pillows and blankets to make you feel comfortable. If you have a little corner, you can create your oasis of relaxation there: hang up a hammock and put some potted plants.

Hammock chairs

Hammock chairs are another great alternative to add value to your interior and create a relaxing feeling. It can be a macrame or a fabric chair, and you can hang it in a nursery to delight your kids or in your own bedroom to sit there when you’re feeling dreamy and relax a little. Keep it in the same style and colors as your room decoration and enjoy!

Tired of tasteless and too bold decorations for Halloween? Don't you want fake blood, decorative net wreaths and witch legs? Then we have some brilliant ideas for you! The modern Halloween decor is stylish, chic, and not that scary, but very cool. These ideas are great for both adult and kids parties, but adults will of course be more excited.


These are the most popular decorations for Fall, Halloween, and Thanksgiving so you need a pair. Decorate them in black and white: polka dots, geometric patterns, rivets, and all kinds of quotes are just what you need. Don't be afraid of pastel colors, all black or gold. Table pumpkins with fresh white flowers look chic. Some bad quotes on colorful pumpkins will make your guests laugh.

Table decoration

Choose black and white or black to make your party table super stylish and chic. Black bottles that are used as candle holders, a few bold red flowers and gold dishes make your table setting chic. Use your modern pumpkins as centerpieces and add more pillar candles for a cozy feel. Don't be over the top, the beauty lies in simplicity and details.

Other ideas

Some cool ideas are balloon garlands in black, white, silver or gold, black spider webs, skulls in different colors under cloches, marble balloons and gold-plated candle holders with black candles. Put goodies in calligraphy boxes or gift bags and delight your guests!

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