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#guidance #cheap #simple #garden #markers #river 

 river pebbles for home decor

#guidance #cheap #simple #garden #markers #river river pebbles for home decor

#guidance #cheap #simple #garden #markers #river river pebbles for home decor

Using stones of different types for home decor is a hot new trend that will add a soft natural touch to your home, and river pebbles are no exception. Interested in how to rock them in your interior? Let's have a look.


Pebbles are widely used in bathrooms, and there are many ways to do it. Cover the walls or floors or anything with pebbles. If you are not ready to tinker hard with pebbles, go for pebbles - this is a great idea that doesn't require a lot of fuss and has many colors to choose from. You can also highlight just one zone, e.g. B. the bathtub or the shower with pebble tiles to improve the eye-catcher. Another idea is for those who have a bathtub - put them in pebbles to give your bathroom a spa feel.


You can make various accessories from pebbles for your home. Coasters, placemats and coasters give your kitchen a natural and chic feel. You can also make bath mats for a foot massage and place your shoes in a tray with pebbles in the entrance area to allow dirt or rain to come off them. Such a solution will look creative and chic.

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