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modern porch entrance decor

grounded landscape architecture | San Diego modern porch entrance decor

Let the steps at the end of the stairs lead into the garden modern porch entrance decor

Your porch and entrance are the first things your visitors see when they walk up to you, and it's important to make them welcoming - not just for them, but for yourself too, so that you are comfortable here. Modern style can be a great choice for a porch or an entrance, it's chic, cool and catchy and not difficult to implement. Do you want to see some ideas?

Colors and textures

Pick a color scheme for your porch like a modern porch can have. It can be neutral with pops of color, black and white, colorful, moody, and cheery white - whatever you love is welcome! You can go for a colorful door, which is a trendy idea right now, or rock a dark metal door or try something different that you like.

What texture can you add to make your porch interesting? Opt for wood and plywood, think of rattan, jute, concrete, and even stone - these can be stones or pebbles too.

Furniture and decor

If you have space for furniture, create your modern outdoor hub here. Hang up a bench, a stylish hanging chair, an upholstered bench and some ottoman with the right look, choose a cut if there is enough space, and so on - add the furniture you like and need here. What else you definitely need is green, skip the blooms and go for potted green. Express your style with pots: they can be made of metal or concrete, or smooth wood in matching colors. A few rugs and some pillows and blankets will make the room cozy. Candle lanterns make it cool and inviting at night, and citronella candles keep insects out.
If you don't have enough space for furniture, keep the decor minimal by just using some greenery planters and candle lanterns if you like those. Choose mismatched but made from the same material, e.g. B. concrete or stone to make the room more noticeable. Voila!

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